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What is dynamic learning?

Many schools today, aim at not only offering education as per the syllabus but also focusing on the quality of education delivered. Education is different from what it used to be. It is no more restricted to just completing the portions or syllabus. The intent is to create a learning environment for students. A thriving atmosphere where students find a treasure trove of knowledge. Teachers are specially trained to follow instructing modules that have been established through much trial and error. 

Such an established modality is dynamic learning. Dynamic learning is change, activity, and progress. It is purposefully created to fulfil the requirements of all children while challenging them to improve existing abilities, interests, and understandings while also developing new ones. Teachers direct students to flexible learning environments, based on changing student needs and interests.

Inclusion, learning styles, technology, and real-world applications are part of such an environment. It embraces the classroom, school, and community as a whole under the guise of mutual respect and collaboration. In a mutually respectful manner, the teacher encourages pupils to explore and appreciate their originality and personality.

What is dynamic learning?

Learning that is activity-based and intuitive yet through research, followed in the best IB schools in Bangalore. Dynamic learning encourages learning beyond the classroom. The most important is associated with real-world issues. Even the design of assessments involves the consideration of student interests.

Creating learning opportunities outside of the classroom is critical to supporting and improving the learner experience and generating positive educational results for students. Learning in International schools in Bangalore, offering ICSE, IGCSE and IB syllabi is notably rigorous. Consequently, schools have volunteered to improve their teaching methods.

Outside the classroom, spaces can be turned into a learning environment.

What are the other features of dynamic learning?

  1. Technology Equipped Classroom 

The usage of social media for professional purposes is encouraged and promoted.

Students are encouraged to develop knowledge using appropriate technologies. As technology has advanced, the virtual classroom has surpassed the traditional classroom in delivering and interacting with learning content. Teachers use a range of tools to promote inclusiveness. Students can access learning materials and exercises at their speed, seek feedback on their work, and participate in group projects and conversations in and out of the classroom.

2. Project-based Classroom

Project-based techniques encourage active learning by the learner, which helps to build both cognitive and social abilities. Project-based learning engages both the student and the teacher. However, preparing for project-based learning necessitates a shift in instructors’ attitudes and increased effort to construct classrooms and materials accordingly.

            3. Team-Based Learning (TBL) is an educational technique that uses individual testing and group cooperation to activate student knowledge. Following individual responses, students form groups and work through problems, appealing when their answers are incorrect. This technique inspires students by making them accountable to themselves and one another, while also introducing them to a range of thought processes focused on a single subject. 

Kasey Bell, the famous, award-winning international speaker, author, and blogger suggests that a dynamic environment at school must include:

  1. Beyond the bell by instilling in kids a lifelong learning perspective. She emphasises that learning should not stop when the bell sounds; kids should continue studying, interacting, and growing outside of school.

2. Beyond the grade level and topic area by assisting children in discovering passions and interests outside of the mandated curriculum.

3. By giving an ideal exposure to students to the greater world outside of the classroom, students should communicate and cooperate with classmates and subject matter experts from all over the world, as well as share and publish their work for a worldwide audience.

4. Beyond the tools, by employing technology to accomplish more than just traditional activities. Students should instead use digital technologies to transform their learning and take action.

Among the few schools adopting dynamic learning strategies, Redbridge International Academy has not left any opportunity to provide an ideal educational environment. The best  IGCSE, IB and ICSE school in Bangalore teaches students in the best way in an infrastructure that motivates students to achieve their goals and become global-minded citizens. Thus, the school is recognised as the best ICSE and IB international school in Bangalore near Bannerghatta Road

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