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Knowledge is not like medicine. We cannot feed it to people unless they are open to it, irrespective of how much they need it. An open mind happens only when there is enough enthusiasm. Children, during their school years, are more focused on fun and creative tasks than exploring their creative side. It is a natural tendency that we do not want to disturb. Instead, we try to help them understand that there are other activities that give happiness. 

Not all children are known to be creative in an intellectual way. It doesn’t mean they can’t. We just need to help them and show the way. While the choice between physically active and intellectually involved can be a hard one for some students, we have always found ways to overcome it. 

Why reading is important?

We have advanced so much these days that knowledge is almost fed directly into our brains. The process of receiving data and interpreting it to mine information is a lost art these days. There was a time when television was holding off children’s ability to think and act solely based on facts. These days, with smartphones, iPads, personal computers, AR, VR, AI helping them assess data, there is little chance that they can process crude information. 

These advanced technologies are helpful, we have no doubt about that. In fact, we try our best to integrate the latest technology to help students understand concepts and theories. But there is always permissible room for other ways of learning too. 

Reading is a proven way of upgrading a person’s imagination and creativity. We are not talking about textbooks and curriculum related content. Instead, we try to give them fresh, new, unexplored ideas which they were never exposed to. And, they are on their own to try and understand it. Believe me, you will be amazed to know that a single story will pose ten different ideas to ten different children. The same story will be different to different children. This is mainly because of factors like intellectual capacity, character, real life, exposure to complex ideas of thoughts etc. 

Imagine, when a single, small, storybook can induce such a high level of creativity, how much will a library be capable of?

Different types of books

When choosing books for children, it is important to be as careful as possible. A carefully picked list of books based on their interest can help them achieve impossible tasks, inside and outside the realm of academics. The idea of throwing a lot of random books to a group of children is not a good idea. At least in the early stages, we need to try and identify the kind of books they have an interest in. 

There are different types of books available on platforms like Kindle. But let us not expose them to that unsafe territory. Let us help them pick the right books, help them minimally and try to encourage them to improve imagination and creative thinking.

How does reading help their future? 

# Help achieve academic excellence

# Help them clear group discussions

# Help them perform well in job interviews

# Adds an intellectual layer to their character

# Trains the brain to be faster and more efficient

# Prepare them to be open to new concepts and ideas

WoW Lite for Excellence 

To achieve them all, we have an excellent partner to help. Stone2Miles’ WoW Lite Program is a revolutionary step to encourage the right type of reading in children. WoW Lite helps children interact with more than text. There is an equal participation of children and teachers and properties like signs, word walls, labels, posters etc are used. This helps children give context by connecting words and pictures.

WoW Lite offers assistance during reading periods, at the library space, helps children with a list of carefully selected Indian and international books, homework that is suitable for their age, and an annual online state reading competition. 

How does Wings of Words help?

WoW Lite offers 30 + sessions of fun and noise-filled reading activities per year. Each session is 40 minutes long. WoW Lite also helps teachers, librarians and small children improve their reading skills. The teaching faculty also gains improved insights into the science of teaching reading. The program also helps librarians transform the library into a fun filled space rather than a boring place. 

Online & mobile Apps from WoW Lite

In this era of technology, WoW Lite is not shy of making use of the best of them to help our students gain an edge in this highly competitive world. There are more than one e-tools that students can use. 

WoW Connect 

Online platform for teachers giving access to training videos and other materials that help them empower students in the art of reading. 


It is an online platform for children to measure their reading ability and expertise level. This online assessment platform helps students check them against national benchmarks. 

Freadom App

This mobile is specially designed to help parents improve the reading skills in their children. 

List of online and mobile apps from WoW Lite

  1. Freadom parent app
  2. FAST reading assessment portal
  3. WoW Connect – App for teachers
  4. Freadom footnotes 

Weekly newsletters and support for young parents

  1. Stone2milestones website

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