Pre-Primary and the Great Outdoors: International school near Electronic City

IB School in Electronic City

International School in Bangalore

Bangalore, often referred to as the Silicon Valley of India is the major IT of the country. IT companies, Indian and foreign flock to get a space in this major IT landscape. From Foxconn to Infosys, companies big and small have made their imprint on the city of Bangalore. This also means that there is an elite class that lives in Bangalore and has all the basic needs including the education of their children. IT or not, India is a land where education is looked upon as an important aspect of life. Parents like to give their children the best possible education right from the beginning. A lot of parents believe that International schools in Bangalore are the right choice for this kind of start. Being an IT hub, a lot of parents also look for an International school near Electronic City. The main reason why they are looking for an IB School in Electronics City is because transportation can be a great challenge in Bangalore. Traffic in Bangalore is known to take time off the table without any mercy. 

Best ICSE School in Bangalore

ICSE schools are well accepted among elite Indian parents. Unlike other educational programs, parents see more value in the ICSE board programs. 

Is ICSE better than CBSE? 

While it is debatable, a lot of educationalists believe that ICSE covers more subjects and topics than CBSE.

Nature and Pre-Primary Educational System

For a long time, nature served as the best teacher for children. Ancient texts mention that even princes were supposed to leave their palaces and stay in gurukulas where they get to understand nature as simple human beings. This is relevant even in this age when nature is being threatened by humans more than at any other time in the history of mankind. Children and nature are supposed to be in sync. Not knowing their origin is far from being themselves. 

RedBridge International Academy understands the need for students to mingle with nature. We, therefore, give them every chance to spend time outdoors and mingle with the real world under our careful watch. Our policy about nature in education is beyond doubt. As an IGCSE School in Bangalore and a prominent International school near Electronics City, we have responded well to our responsibilities. 

A Professional Approach y IGCSE School in Bangalore

Pre-Primary and beyond, our students experience the real calm wind and enough sunlight to keep them active and healthy. RedBridge International Academy has a well planned and organised sports and games integration as a part of the curriculum. 

We make sure that our students can pick any sports or games that fits their age group. Care is given that they get a free hand when attempting it. Students get to practise outdoor activities freely under the professional watch. Their choice of sports or game starts with assessment of aptitude, initial display of skills, display of knowledge during initial training and more. 

At RedBridge International Academy, being one of the best ICSE Schools in Bangalore, we care about physical education, wellness and the feel good factor with equal weightage. Not just professional games and sports, we encourage students to walk, indulge in physical movements and get safely exposed to sunlight wherever possible. 

We are so proud of our wide 18 acre campus, which is well protected by motion detection, IR powered, HD cameras and security personnel. Our students get the benefit of well maintained natural surroundings instead of monotonous concrete walls. They get to see the sun, experience the wind, get to know when it rains and feel them first hand without harming their well-being.

The fresh and pure air and the flora help children improve their concentration and keep them fresh all day.  As one of the finest International School in Bangalore, we take utmost care in the emotional and psychological well-being of our students. This is in sync with their exposure to the natural environment, outdoors and activities that keep them fresh and sharp. 

Sports Activities at International School near Electronic City

Our campus is equipped with world class sports facilities that help young students to grow up into able sportsmen, even help them choose sports as their career. We give them essential and advanced training in basketball, football, cricket, hockey,  badminton, volleyball, throwball and more. We have well built and well maintained infrastructure in place so that our students are second to none when it comes to high quality facilities to groom their sports careers. 

We also help our students with adequate facilities to train and succeed in athletics, horseback riding, kabaddi, skating, Kho Kho and other prominent sports and games. 

Children at RedBridge International Academy also get to train in swimming (outsourced) so that they are never behind natural world skills. 


RedBridge International Academy, the finest International school near Electronic City help our pre-primary students get the best outdoor exposure possible. Pure and fresh air, adequate sunlight etc can bring a positive change in them. Being the best IGCSE School In Electronic City and the best ICSE school in Bangalore, our curriculum is a complete one. 

Is your child getting ready for pre-primary education? Want to know more about our programs? You can contact us for more details.

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