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Education is for tomorrow. What we sow today will influence a whole generation. Therefore, it is important to cultivate qualities beyond academics in children. More than a good student, a good employee or a good entrepreneur, let us aim and build a generation of leaders with a good heart. Education is beyond books, a healthy mind and a sound attitude is what lasts. 

Win in exams, and life too

Winning exams and securing good grades are important too. But a good educational institution sees beyond that. At RedBridge International Academy, we make sure that our students get the right perspective, values and ethics that define a successful person. We take care of them in all stages of their education. Be it our reading encouragement program with WoW Lite or our STEM-based Bee Curious program, we always think of our students first. Their career, their future and their success as human beings is of utmost importance to us. 

Good education’s primary aim is not about cultivating good employees, but capable citizens who stop at nothing when it comes to chasing their dreams. We give them everything to do well in exams, do well in interviews, securing respectable employment and every demand of a competitive society. But we also focus on making them individuals with their own views and opinions. As people who influence others, make a difference around them and walk a path that others are not confident about. 

Our focus has always been to give our students the extra that helps them win the race against time. We build citizens who do not accept failure at the first defeat. They keep fighting until they acquire what truly belongs to them. 

Our Partnership with QShala

Why QShala?

QShala is an industry leading program which works with businesses, and educational institutions to achieve general awareness-focused 21 st -century ready individuals. They were able to produce quantifiable results with big companies and marketing teams. QShala was successful in improvising the work culture in office setups and helping improve sales for marketing teams. Their experience in handling serious environments is no doubt an asset to our students. 

QShala works with students of all age groups to help them achieve curiosity and inquisitiveness. They make use of fun and engaging questions, stories and other similar thought provoking means to provide students with deeper context to curriculum and world scenarios. QShala encourages students to ask questions, work as a team, promote critical thinking, and teach them methodical approaches to problem solving. Qshala employs methodical and experiential teaching methods to prepare students for the future without sacrificing the fun element. 

QShala has been doing this since 2014, transforming the lives of 10,000 + students during this period. They have worked with various schools, colleagues, corporates and Non profit organisations helping them achieve a unique perspective on life and the people around them. 

QShala and RedBridge International Academy 

Our partnerships with institutions like QShala have ensured that our students get to know the real world, the real challenges and issues that will come looking for them soon. We not only help them identify these bottlenecks but also prepare them boldly. Together with QShala, RedBridge International Academy aims to empower our students to understand things beyond academics and cultivate leadership and team building skills in them. 

There is a lot more than we see in the real world. It is essential that children at least have a glimpse of it before facing them unprepared. Our partners like QShala have helped us achieve our goals of preparing students for academics and beyond. 

Our promise 

RedBridge International Academy is committed to giving our 100% to assist our students to excel in all forms of life. We promise to continuously work towards achieving this goal and do everything in our power to build a generation of able leaders and critical thinkers.

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