Music, The Celebration Of Expression And Creativity

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Music is often referred to as the language of gods. Known to improve creativity, self-expression, discipline and teamwork, music is an excellent remedy in itself. Never fail to find a person whose mood is not affected by their favourite kind of music. From Carnatic to the compositions of AR Rahman, music is magic beyond description. Unlike other art forms, music gives great importance to teamwork. From singers to composers, there is a big team in play when creating music. This unique property of music helps people work as a team and express themselves differently from other occasions. 

Music, the ultimate medicine 

Music is known to invoke inner peace. For each person the favourite kind of music is different. For some, Carnatic music is noise, the same goes for a different set who prefers pop, rock or jazz as their favourite genre. Music for one may not be the same for another. Irrespective of that, music has a unique place in every society. There is no single culture in the world which failed to own its own kind of music. Classical music is more than a group of sounds put together. It is a science where sounds are brilliantly used to achieve results. The healing properties of music are second to none. Music therapy is an accepted form of medical procedure. 

The brilliance of music is that it helps rejuvenate both body and mind. In music, the body and mind act as one. This sync is very important in every profession.  

Music and Education 

Education is the process of accepting knowledge with an open mind. For this, you need a healthy body and mind, both in sync. Music helps us achieve this much more easily than any other method. The famous proverb “ All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy “ is a valid statement here. Students need to do more than refer to books all the time. They like to play games and sports by nature. But a little bit of music can help them achieve the same level of activeness if not more. 

Luckily, children are not allergic to music. They have their own choice though. Helping them understand the science of music is a good idea to improve their academic brilliance and overall mental peace. It helps them be calm,  sit idle and clear their mind. Music does its job, no matter whether you are playing it or listening to it.

Our Partnership with Furtados School of Music

As an educational institution, RedBridge International Academy values the power of music and the magic it can do. We have therefore forged a partnership with Furtados, a school of music established in 2011 is one of the finest music education institutions in India. With a legacy of over 150 years in the music industry Furtados School of Music makes learning and experiencing music a pleasant idea. Their music learning programs are designed to meet the needs of children of all age groups and skill levels. It gives students the opportunity to experience music with a professional perspective helping them understand it better. 

Our specially designed music programs help improve students’ creativity, discipline, teamwork and overall character development. Offered in the form of a structured curriculum, supervised by qualified music teachers gives students knowledge of music theory and appreciation. They get enough opportunities to perform under guided supervision with proper corrections where required. 

Our Commitment 

RedBridge International Academy is known for its excellence in integrating technology into every aspect of the educational process. Our well received programs like Bee Curious, Ei Mindspark software etc help students to achieve a better understanding of concepts related to the curriculum. But RedBridge International Academy is more than science, mathematics and exams. We assist our students in every way possible to enhance their creativity, self-expression and other necessary skills to ace in life. Our partnership with Furtados School of Music is part of our unwavering commitment towards assisting students in achieving total excellence in qualities beyond the regular expectations. 

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