How International Schools Spark a Passion for Reading in Students

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In this digital era, it is crucial to prioritise and promote a healthy reading culture among children. Reading goes beyond acquiring knowledge; it is a gateway to personal growth, lifelong learning, and intellectual development. Redbridge International Academy is a prominent International school near Electronic City where we always emphasise building a strong reading culture that puts reading at the forefront of school improvement.  By instilling a love for reading in students we can encourage them to become curious, critical thinkers and lifelong learners. 

A creative and exciting reading culture not only commits students but also boosts their well-being and their outcomes. International schools often employ various strategies to spark a passion for reading in students. Cultivating a love for reading is not only essential for academic success but also contributes to a student’s intellectual and emotional development. Here let’s explore some strategies by which international schools foster a passion for reading:

Diverse and Inclusive Libraries

International schools maintain well-stocked libraries with a diverse range of books representing different cultures, genres, and perspectives. Having access to a wide variety of books encourages students to explore different genres and topics.

They set their school library space to make it creative, engaging, and welcoming to all students. 

Spark Curiosity Within the School Environment

At Redbridge International Academy we create vibrant displays, and unique installations which celebrate a love of all things reading. We also create reading nooks throughout the school, where students can escape from the world, and sit and read their favourite book.

Literature Across the Curriculum

Integrating literature into various subjects beyond language arts helps students see the relevance of reading across different disciplines. Teachers in international schools incorporate literature into history, science and other subjects to reinforce the importance of reading as a skill applicable to many areas of study.

Author Visits and Literary Events

As a leading IGCSE School In Electronic City, we organise literary events and book fairs by inviting authors to speak at the school which is a powerful way to ignite students’ interest in reading. Meeting authors and participating in discussions about books can make the reading experience more personal and exciting. It’s an opportunity for students to hear about the creative process, which can spark their own creativity, encouraging them not only to read more but also to write more.

Supportive Learning Environment

Creating a positive and supportive learning environment is crucial for nurturing a love of reading. Teachers and librarians play a vital role in encouraging students to explore books, ask questions, and express their opinions about what they read. Implementing school-wide literacy initiatives, such as dedicated reading time, book clubs, or author-themed months, helps prioritise and emphasise the importance of reading throughout the academic year.

Set Reading Challenges with Prizes 

Adding a competitive edge to the reading culture can motivate them. We set reading challenges where students have to read specific numbers of books in a month, which will motivate students. Redbridge International Academy is the Best ICSE school in Bangalore where we often organise competitions, reading challenges, and book clubs to motivate students to read more. Setting goals and recognizing achievements create a sense of accomplishment and instil a positive attitude toward reading.

Technology Integration to Enhance Reading Experience:

International schools often leverage technology to enhance the reading experience. E-books, audiobooks, and interactive online platforms can engage students and cater to different learning styles, making reading more accessible and enjoyable. Redbridge International Academy is the best school in Bangalore where we are partnering with Stone2Miles’ WoW Lite Program which is a revolutionary step to motivate the right type of reading in students.

WoW Lite helps our students interact with more than text. There is an equal participation of children and teachers and properties like word walls, labels, signs,  posters etc are used. This helps children give context by connecting words and pictures. It also offers assistance during reading periods, at the library space, helps children with a list of carefully selected Indian and international books, homework that is suitable for their age, and an annual online state reading competition. There are many e-tools on WoW Lite that students can explore. 


When we work to create a reading passion among students, we’re not just supporting our students’ academic progress. We’re also giving them a gift which will last far beyond their school days – the gift of creativity and imagination – and a love of reading. As one of the top IGCSE schools in Bangalore, Redbridge International Academy incorporates these strategies and aims to create an environment where students not only become proficient readers but also develop a lifelong passion for literature and learning. Being a reputed IGCSE School In Electronic City we believe that this passion for reading can extend beyond academic success and contribute to the student’s intellectual and personal growth. 

We need to work together to provide innovative solutions to eradicate disengagement in reading. International schools promote a reading culture in students which allows them to shine, academically, socially, and personally. 

We hope you got some of the inspiration needed to revolutionise the reading habit in children. To explore more about our school, feel free to contact us.

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