5 Reasons Why Art Integration is Important in International Curriculum

With changing times, integrating art into the school curriculum offers a range of benefits that extend beyond traditional academic subjects. Redbridge International Academy, one of the prominent IGCSE Schools In Electronic City believes that Arts Integration in the curriculum provides students with an opportunity to not only explore how materials work together and with the laws of our world but also provides an opportunity that allows students to explore their own talent and who they are.

Studies have demonstrated that including the arts in the classroom boosts emotional and social growth as well as intellectual performance. Integrating art in education makes classroom learning joyful, productive and engaging for the students as well as the educators. Today, we’ll explore five reasons why arts integration is an integral part of international school for student’s overall academic development.  

Significance of Art Education Integration in International Schools

Art-integrated learning involves implementing art as a tool for exploring and understanding concepts in history, literature, science or mathematics. As a distinguished IB School In Electronic City, Redbridge International Academy always encourages interdisciplinary learning by integrating artistic expression and creativity with academic content. Here, let’s discuss some points why it should be prioritised in education.

Develops Students Cognitive Skills

Integrating art with the core subjects helps to activate different parts of their brain at the same time. This improves student’s cognitive abilities, including innovation, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It also improves the fine motor skills of students. Whether students are participating in dance routines, playing a musical instrument, or holding a paintbrush, arts provide immense opportunities for them to engage in purposeful movements which help them develop their creativity.

Builds Cultural Awareness

Art reflects culture, and using art from diverse cultures can help students develop a better understanding of the world around them. They learn to respect differences and accept diverse perspectives. As one of the reputed IB schools in Bangalore, we believe that art exposes students to the richness and the inclusivity that lies rooted in culture and tradition from across the world. Creating and exploring art teaches them to value their culture.

Develops Social and Emotional Skills

Artistic activities create a safe space for students to explore their feelings, thoughts and emotions. It also enhances emotional and social skills such as self-expression, empathy and teamwork.  These skills build students for success in their personal and professional lives by improving their self-awareness. Arts integration also serves as a powerful tool for enhancing the retention of academic content and improving learning outcomes. 

Makes Learning Fun

Integration of art also makes learning fun. When students find interest in the learning process, they become more excited and engaged about learning, leading to better academic performance and a lifelong love of learning. As one of the best IGCSE schools near Bannerghatta Road, Redbridge International Academy emphasises artistic activities that capture their imagination and interest, creating an interactive and dynamic learning environment. 

Promotes Creativity

Incorporating art into academics provides students with the opportunity to express their inner potential and creativity. It fosters imagination and enhances their sense of curiosity, exploration and artistic experimentation. Creativity is the ability to create or invent something new, whether it is a solution to a problem or a concept, an artwork, a sculpture, or anything! It is a skill that can be learned early in a child’s life through the arts, then will help them transcend through their other academics and careers throughout the rest of their lives.


Integrating art into the school curriculum equips students with essential skills to succeed in this fast-changing world. Redbridge International Academy is popular as the best international school in Bangalore where we believe it is our responsibility as educators to provide the best education possible, and art integration is key to achieving this. Being one of the renowned ICSE schools in Bangalore we use art integration as a key pedagogical approach to provide students with a holistic and enriching learning experience. Redbridge International Academy’s program engages students purposefully in art education theory and practice, contemporary art, and their own studio work. This flexible program brings you the advanced concepts and immersive, hands-on experiences you need to flourish creatively. 

 As a popular educational institution, we value the power of music and the magic it can do. Therefore we have a partnership with Furtados, a school of music, one of the finest music education institutions in India. Furtados School of Music’s music learning programs are designed to meet the needs of children of all age groups and skill levels. It gives students the opportunity to experience music with a professional perspective helping them understand it better. 

Our specially designed art programs help improve students’ discipline, creativity, teamwork and overall character development. Through fun activities, teamwork, and projects students explore and use their artistic abilities, gaining a deeper understanding of the world around them. Feel free to get in touch with us to explore more about us.

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