Building Resilience in Kids: Strategies for Overcoming Challenges

Resilience is important for everyday life and helps us to overcome difficulties, deal with stressful situations, and bounce back from adversity, failure, or even trauma. It is not an innate trait in kids; it is a skill that can be nurtured and cultivated over time. It involves a combination of cognitive, emotional, and social skills that enable kids to navigate setbacks and stressors effectively. 

Life is unpredictable, and our kids will inevitably face failures. So, only we can help our kids develop resilience, which is the ability to bounce back from adversity and overcome difficulties. Resilient kids are brave, curious, and trusting of their instincts. As a renowned IB school in Electronic City, we always emphasize building resilience in kids because it develops a sense of optimism, self-efficacy, and perseverance, which have a great contribution to their overall well-being and success in different areas of life. In this blog, we will explore some ways to raise resilient kids and teach them to bounce back from setbacks. 

Need Of Developing Resilience: Ways To Raise Resilient Kids 

Resilience is a skill that can be strengthened over time, we should keep encouraging our kids to embrace challenges, learn from failures, and persist through difficult situations. So this quality can be developed in your kids. Without this skill, kids may experience anxiety and feel low in the face of adversity. Teaching kids resilience is no easy task, but it can be fostered with the right approach. So here are some ways to raise a resilient kid:

  • Create a Productive Daily Routine for Them

Create a daily routine that should be result-oriented and productive. Help them to take time for creative writing, board games, and critical thinking. You should take your kids to social events so that they learn social skills and feel at ease in crowded places. Parents should fix a simple routine encompassing sound sleep, required physical activities, exercise, mindfulness, school homework, one-to-one family sessions, etc. Schedules and consistency are vital to maintaining resilience in kids

  • Make a Strong Emotional Connection

Kids are pure souls, so we can develop life skills with a caring relationship. As a parent, you should build a strong emotional connection with your children, which would aid them in sailing through tough times in life. Teach your child the importance of engaging and connecting with family members and their peers. It provides them with social support and develops resilience. When kids know they have the unconditional support of a parent, family member, teachers, and even peers they feel empowered and confident to make attempts to work through difficult situations. 

  • Help Them Understand Their Feelings

Resilience can be nurtured if kids are not running away from their feelings. Complicated emotions like sadness, insecurity, jealousy, etc., can intimidate them to their core. Tell them that feeling such emotions is completely normal. Also, help them by reassuring them that it is just a phase. They should know that the sad phase also passes as the happy phase passes in life.

  • Let them Accept Failure and Try Something New

Encourage children to get rid of their comfort zones and take healthy risks. Encourage your kids to try something new, face challenges, and learn from their experiences. As a prominent IGCSE school near Bannerghatta Road, we always encourage our kids by teaching them that failure is a natural part of the learning process and motivating them to try again. Both parents and teachers should encourage them, they don’t need to be afraid of making mistakes while trying something innovative. The more comfortably they embrace challenges, the more resilient they become.

  • Teach your Kid self-care

Teach your child the importance of basic self-care. This helps them make more time to eat properly, exercise, and get sufficient sleep. Resilience also requires self-care. Redbridge, a distinguished  International school near Electronic City, where we always encourage our kids by nurturing self caring for themselves and even having fun will help children stay balanced and better deal with challenges. You should make them understand the importance of taking care of their physical and emotional needs, such as eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep, and engaging in activities they enjoy. 

  • Promote a Positive Mindset and Self-Belief

One of the most essential ways to build resilience is by fostering a positive mindset in your child. Promoting a positive mindset is the belief that abilities and intelligence can be developed through hard work and dedication. We are one of the best IGCSE schools near Bannerghatta Road, where we always encourage our kids to embrace challenges, view failures as learning opportunities, and persist through difficult situations. Help them identify their abilities and strengths, and motivate them that they have the power to face any type of obstacle in life. 

 Building resilience in kids is an ongoing process that requires patience, time, and consistent effort. At Redbridge International School, we prioritize the holistic development of your child. As a reputed  IGCSE School In Electronic City, we provide a nurturing and stimulating environment where children can learn and grow, building resilience along the way. Our highly qualified teachers are committed to supporting kid’s emotional well-being and helping them develop important life skills. Together, let’s encourage our kids, teach them to embrace difficulties, and foster their resilience

Environmental Explorers: Teaching Kids About Sustainability and Nature

Kids have a natural curiosity that helps them learn about the world around them and how things work. They have a spectacular learning power of understanding more complex subjects than you might think.  So it is the sole responsibility of every parent and teacher need to take advantage of this natural curiosity to learn and make them understand sustainability and nature. 

Research says that positive and frequent experiences in nature during childhood influence environmental concerns among kids regardless of their racial, cultural, and socioeconomic status. Building a connection with nature not only helps create an awareness of environmentalism in kids but can help them to develop their mental health, cognitive function, and overall well-being. As a reputed IGCSE School In Electronic City, we explore innovative and creative educational approaches as we encourage children to work cooperatively for environmental conservation. 

Early childhood experiences in nature can make them understand nature’s importance and help them to develop lifelong environmental awareness. You can implement many fun ways to help kids learn about the environment and the importance of sustainability.  In this blog. let’s discuss some points on how can we teach kids about sustainability and nature which will develop a sense of responsibility in the future.

Teaching Kids about the Importance of Nature and Sustainability

Childhood is an important stage of life in terms of physical and mental growth and thus is the right time to cultivate respect for the environment and a dedication to sustainability which can have a significant impact on the future. As one of the best IGCSE schools near Bannerghatta Road, we implement environmental programs that involve kids in nature conservation to help them understand the importance of responsibility for protecting the environment.  

Taking them outside and being motivated to think and ask about why taking care of nature is crucial will help develop their environmental awareness. Many environmental fun activities can be done by both parents and teachers with kids to teach the importance of sustainability fun. Some of these activities can be done indoors also, the best IB school in Electronic City always focuses on interesting activities to help kids so they can actively experience and appreciate nature.

  • Grow a Garden

Growing a garden with kids helps them understand the importance of taking care of nature. This activity lets them see for themselves how beautiful nature is! You can also teach them about waste and how we can reuse specific things in other ways.

  • Nature Walks

Simply walking with your kid is the best way to immerse in nature. You can implement these activities to make them learn to recognize various plants by pointing things out or playing a game with them. 

  • Plant trees

You have to plant a tree or two with your kids. This is an interesting activity that helps them understand why trees are important to us, and they will get the experience of watching them grow year after year.

  • Taking care of nature

Kids always show interest in new things and want to experience them, and they are sometimes too curious. You should try to them how to show respect to nature while making them explore the beauty of it! Not picking up grass, flowers, leaves, branches, etc. We are a leading International school near Electronic City always emphasize these small gestures in kids that will help preserve nature and allow her to create even more beautiful things! 

  • Go Camping

Camping is also one of the best ways to fully connect your kids to nature and help them immerse in the environment. Taking them camping is an interesting activity that everyone can enjoy. It also allows them plenty of learning opportunities. 

Environmental Explorers has a strong commitment to nurturing and sustainable practices. There are various ways you can help them learn about the environment, but you should remember to make it fun so they will get more interest to do it again. 

The fun learning activities will help kids learn about and appreciate nature. This encourages environmental responsibility and cares for the beautiful planet. As one of the best IGCSE schools near Bannerghatta Road, we always try to empower our future generations to take care of the environment. So you have to implement the right tools and knowledge to do so. We hope these insights will be helpful to you in how you connect your kids with nature. 

Parent-Teacher Collaboration in an International School: Nurturing Success Together

Teacher and parent involvement in a child’s education is one of the biggest contributors to their success. Because children perform better when parents are connected to their learning process in school. We are one of the leading IB schools in Bangalore , here we always prioritize parents’ involvement in academics which boosts our student’s self-esteem, and academic performance and also helps to improve their attitudes towards schools and peers. A collaborative approach means that both parties work together as equals, towards a common goal of enhancing the child’s overall development, learning, and well-being.

Research says that parent-teacher collaboration plays a crucial role in promoting positive outcomes for children including social-emotional development, self-regulation skills, academic achievement, and overall well-being. In this article, we will explore the importance of parent-teacher collaboration in success and how it helps children for greater academic performance.

Importance of Parent-Teacher Collaboration for Child Development

Parent-teacher collaboration is very important in international schools because it allows them to share information about a child’s interests, strengths, and weaknesses, which can help create a more personalized learning experience. As a prestigious and one of the best IGCSE schools near Bannerghatta Road, we believe that parent-teacher collaboration leads to better nurturing of children’s social-emotional development. Because educating a child is the responsibility of both parent and teacher, not the school’s responsibility alone. Parent-teacher collaboration in an international school significantly impacts students’ success. 

  • Help Students to Perform Better

When students experience a positive relationship with their parents and teachers, they start becoming more focused on their academic goals. Because they understand that both parents and teachers are working towards their development, and they must also work hard to reach their academic goals. And when that hard work translates to better grades and holistic development, students feel more encouraged and confident sharing their life studying issues with their parents or teachers. 

  • Social Development

Communication is the most essential social skill that is passively learned. Students observe their active environment and how their elders and peers communicate. We are one of the best international schools in electronic city always trying to build a positive link between home and school, so that students are sure to observe it and learn from it. This also helps children to have successful interactions with their teachers, peers, and parents.

  • Easier Problem Solving

Whether students face problems with their studies or other activities, if they don’t communicate it to their parents and teachers, it may lead to their poor academic performance. But when with positive relationships, students don’t feel hesitated to share any issues or questions. If students know that their parents and teacher are a team and are always there for them no matter what, they will feel more confident to overcome all challenges and ask for help in problem times.

  • Consistent Communication

Effective two-way communication is essential for child learning. Parent-teacher collaboration is a great opportunity for parents to track their child’s academic as well as social performance. As a reputed IB school in electronic city, we arrange parent-teacher meetings which are a great way to strengthen the parent and teacher bond. Ways of staying in touch and creating a positive two-way relationship are very essential for children’s academic success.

  • Encouraging learning after school:

Together, parents and teachers should contribute to the child’s intellectual emotional, and physical well-being and work to create a better learning environment. With a positive relationship between parents and teachers, it helps to create a welcoming environment at home, and by fostering children’s hobbies also. 

  • Pursuing a cooperative approach

A collaborative method indicates that both parties engage in a joint effort on an equal footing with the goal of advancing the child’s learning, growth, and well-being. We are one the best IB schools in Bangalore and we always believe that teacher-parent collaboration is important to be mindful that both have unique areas of knowledge and skill. To help the child’s academic success, both parties should collaborate to share information and knowledge. It is required for connecting the child’s home and school learning processes. 

Both parents and teachers should put extra effort to build a healthy partnership to nurture future minds in the best way possible. Parent-teacher collaboration has a significant role in students’ success. To establish effective parent-teacher collaboration, both parties should communicate regularly, attend parent-teacher conferences, set goals together, and volunteer in the classroom. By collaborating, parents and teachers can help ensure that every child reaches their full potential.

Innovation In Education: The Most Significant Factor For Student’s Overall Development

Innovation in education can lead to better overall development in the school environment. Innovation means a new way of thinking, thereby helping students develop their problem-solving and creativity skills, and also encourages students and teachers to research, explore, and use all the tools to uncover something new. Every parent wants to give their children such an education by which they can be more innovative and creative. Are you looking for an IB school and approach to education that is innovative, creative, and cutting-edge for your child’s future? We, one of the best IGCSE schools near Bannerghatta Road encourage students to develop different life skills, thereby unleashing creativity and inculcating innovation in students. In this write up let’s talk a bit more about innovation and creativity such as what it is and more about the impact of innovation in education. 

A Touch Of Innovation On the Educational Side And Its Impact

Using innovative teaching methodology extinguishes a passion for learning and provides students with the ideas that they need to succeed in innovation. High-quality learning methods ate important for students and expose them to innovative educational models in education.

We are the most popular IB schools in Bangalore which focus on personalized learning and differentiated opportunities for students for the innovative practices in education that are key components for making students for a global, competitive workforce in today’s world. Students are learning in innovative classrooms in this digital age that helps them process at a deeper level of understanding and potentially gain more information and knowledge. 

The Importance of Innovation in Education: Improve The Quality Of Education
It cannot be tested or graded to be innovative, but it can be built up and encapsulated in students. It can be incredibly hard to introduce innovation and creativity in the classroom in this environment of high-stakes testing. However, we are one of the best IB international schools in Bangalore that always provides the best ways and methods of teaching. The importance of innovative teaching can introduce innovation and creativity in the classroom.

  • Motivate students to research independently:
    If a particular project design is clear and coherent, students must get the vast majority of the information they need to gain from their own independent research. This research can draw from internet message boards, Wikipedia, programming language documentation, sample code, and so on.
  • Encourage students to find innovative uses for everyday objects:
    Most students can see only a specific use for an object. This is called Functional Fixedness. Teachers must encourage students and enable them to see beyond this and can also learn new perspectives or visions of a single object
  • Confirm students know what they still need to learn:
    In order to solve problems effectively, students have to understand not only what they already know and what they still need to learn. Teachers need to build their projects so that students can make a list of the things they understand about their project, as well as the things they want to understand in a better way.
  • Do not grade students on creativity and innovation:
    Grades work great when there is only one right answer for a specific problem. For projects which focus on innovation and creativity, there is no one answer. If you are expecting students to own a problem and find a genuinely original solution for it, you cannot motivate them with a grade.
  • Diversity in Teaching and learning methodologies
    Now we have digital classrooms and teachers are using advanced technology to deliver their lectures. This new technology era is helping students more receptive to technology-driven teaching methods. These days, in the learning process we can make use of digital notes,  projectors, interactive software, etc., to make it more interesting fun, and effective for students. There are numerous online platforms available where we can find innovative teaching strategies and methods used by teachers across the world.

We are one of the best IB schools in Bangalore which always aim to encourage true innovation in education. Our teachers use technology as well as the latest pedagogical tools to encourage your students to think out of the box and innovate in and out of the classroom. We use innovation by integrating different subjects and giving hands-on experience in engineering, science, technology, art, and mathematics. 

Top 5 Benefits Of Arts And Music In The Development Of Students: Insights From The Best International School, Bangalore!

Music and art have been an inherent part of human culture for centuries. Every civilization has engaged itself in one or the other form of art. It helps to bind society together. Beyond providing entertainment, art and music have always impacted positively on the overall development of a human being

The teaching staff at Redbridge International Academy, the Best IB board school in Bangalore, always keep an eye on the learning of the students. Teachers make sure that every student is taking part in some form of art, music or dance motivating them to explore their talents and develop their traits to great potential in the future.

In this blog, we will explore the top 5 ways in which music and art help in the development of students.


Empathy is important in the development of a human being as it helps us understand someone else’s feelings. It helps students to understand each other better and form stronger relationships. Music and arts help students to feel an expansive range of emotions which helps them in developing better emotional intelligence. While listening to music or creating any art. Students go through a lot of emotions they might not have felt before or will not experience while practising formal studies. These can be deciphered through music, art and dance.


In a world full of such aggressive competition, We sometimes forget how important creativity is for students. Encouraging creativity from a young age is very important. Engaging students in creative activities like music and creating art helps them to explore themselves to their fullest potential. Engaging in music and other arts helps the brain to achieve a more open state which makes space for more different ideas to flow inside it. Creativity sets children apart from each other. 

The curriculum at Redbridge International Academy, the Best International Board School In Bangalore, makes sure that the creative learning of a child is taken good care of. The school provides an environment where students can boost their creativity and their critical thinking skills


Music has been well known for its positive health impact. The use of music to heal minds has been in practice for thousands of years. There is numerous research which proves how music and arts help improve mood and focus. Music and arts also help students in their cognitive development. Different art forms help in developing and improving different skills. Some art forms help in improving motor skills while the creation of some arts helps improve visual-spatial abilities. Apart from improving physical development, music and arts also help students develop reasoning skills. It boosts the confidence of the child which helps them overcome the challenging situation they would face in the future.

IBDP at Redbridge International Academy Promotes Music and arts in such a way that students themselves start generating interest. Teachers encourage students to develop new skills which not help in the present but in every stage of their life. 


In this new age world, you will find a lot of examples near you which show how only knowledge is not enough to succeed. Self-confidence is one the first thing everyone needs apart from knowledge. Music and arts have great benefits in the improvement of self-confidence. Creating art helps children to improve dedication, focus and perseverance. When a child can understand music or create art, it boosts his confidence and It translates into their academic performance too. 


Music and arts are those things which remove boundaries. You can listen to music of any kind, in any language. While seeing an art form you don’t know where is the artist from or belongs to which part of society. While it celebrates different cultures, it also promotes inclusivity. Children from a young age should be made aware of these things so that they see every human being through the same lens.

In conclusion, Music and arts are really important in the development of a person. It helps to prepare a human being for the upcoming challenges he has to face in life.

Redbridge International Academy is the Best IB International school in Electronic City. The school also is the Best ICSE school in Bangalore. The school takes care of the all-around development of its students. There are several dedicated and spacious rooms for practice. Trained staff are assigned to teach music, musical instruments, dance, art and theatre at RBIA. The school has an unmatchable infrastructure. Through its progressive learning methodology, the school helps students to find their interests and helps them succeed in life. 

Admissions are open for 2023-24. Schedule a visit to the campus or visit their website, to know more.

Interested In Stars? How to Figure out the Mass of a Star. Find Out!

The universe is a vast expanse that contains everything we know of in existence – galaxies, stars, planets, and other cosmic bodies. But one of the most incredible wonders in the cosmos is the stars. These brilliant and massive spheres of hot gases produce energy by nuclear fusion, creating the light and heat that have captivated humans for centuries.

Stars play a vital role in shaping the universe as we know it. They come in different sizes and masses, and they act as the building blocks of galaxies, supplying the essential elements for the creation of planets, moons, and other celestial bodies. When stars explode in supernovae, they contribute to moderating the universe’s temperature and chemical makeup by generating and dispersing heavy elements that make up the building blocks of life.

In essence, stars are not just fascinating objects to admire in the night sky. They are integral to the universe’s structure and contribute to the creation and sustenance of life as we know it.

Stars are fascinating celestial objects in the universe. As students, we often wonder about these twinkling wonders. No matter which streams you belong to, stars are a favourite for everyone since childhood. Scientists have progressed massively in the field of astronomy. Let us understand one aspect of the stars. How do astronomers figure out the mass of a star? 

In this blog post, we will explore the methods of determining the mass of a star.

Yes, we know that Mass is a measure of the amount of matter in an object, and it is typically measured in kilograms (kg) or solar masses. 

There are two primary methods that astronomers use: 

The gravitational method and The spectral method.

The gravitational method is based on the law of gravity, which states that the force of attraction between two objects is proportional to their masses and inversely proportional to the square of their distance. By measuring a star’s gravitational influence on other nearby objects, astronomers can calculate its mass.

One of the most common ways to use the gravitational method is to study binary star systems. Binary star systems are two stars that orbit around a common centre of mass. By observing the stars’ orbital motion and measuring their separation and period, astronomers can calculate their masses. The best science labs at Redbridge International Academy, the best international school in Bangalore, give an touch of modern day understanding to students with a edge in practical education.

For example, let’s say in a binary system we observe one star is much larger and more massive than the other. We can measure the smaller star’s orbital period and distance from the larger star, and use Kepler’s laws of planetary motion to calculate the larger star’s mass. This is because the larger star exerts a gravitational force on the smaller star, which determines its orbit.

The second method, the spectral method, involves studying a star’s spectrum, which is the range of colours that make up its light. The spectrum can tell us about the star’s temperature, composition, and motion.

The stronger the surface gravity, the narrower and stronger the spectral lines will be.

Progress in observational astronomy and astrophysics has substantially improved our understanding of stars and the universe. To comprehend the workings of the universe and our role within it better, scientists continue to explore.

Students who have interests in astronomy have several opportunities to learn and explore to become the next famous someone. 

Redbridge International Academy is the best IB international school in Electronic City. The school also is the best ICSE school in Bangalore. Awarded time and again for the best infrastructure and architecture the 13 acre property is a blissful display of flora and fauna. The grounds and sports facilities are advanced and the school aims to provide holistic education to students and teach them by encouraging their interests, be it science, astrophysics, STEM education, dance, music and arts and so on. Visit their campus to find out more. Admissions are open for 2023-2024.