A Guide by Toppers from International School to Prepare for the 10th ICSE Boards

The 10th final ICSE (Indian Certificate Of Secondary Education)  board exam is a significant milestone in a student’s academic journey. It holds immense importance as it determines their future prospects. A strategic approach and Proper preparation are Crucial for performing well in ICSE board exams. The results of the ICSE final board exams are finally out and Redbridge International Academy has performed exceptionally well among the top ICSE schools in Bangalore. In this blog, we will discuss how toppers of Redbridge International Academy, One of the best International Schools In Bangalore prepared for their exams.

We talked with Samriddhi V Tikmany who has topped the school by getting 95.4 marks. She also got perfect 100 out of 100 marks in “History”. She gave credit to the teachers, staff and culture of the school. She was highly regarded for the boarding facilities of Redbridge International Academy, one of the best boarding schools in bangalore. Being in the environment of school helped her tremendously in what she has achieved. She highlighted some important points behind the reason for her success.

Understanding of Syllabus:  

Thoroughly understanding the syllabus of each subject is important.You should be knowing what is in your syllabus before preparing for the exam. Familiarize yourself with all the topics and subtopics that will be covered in the exam. Make a study plan and study according to the allocated time.

Organize your Study Schedule

One of the main points in the success of Samriddhi was her organization. She created a timetable and broke down study sessions into smaller and manageable chunks which help her focus on one subject at a time. You should make time for every subject and topic. More challenging subjects and topics should be allocated extra time

Seek Clarification from Teachers

When you are preparing for the final Board Exams, do not hesitate in cleaning your doubts. Ask teachers wherever you encounter difficulties. Clear all the doubts and misunderstandings you may have while studying a topic. Fully understanding the concept strengthens your foundation and helps boost your confidence.

Practice Regularly

The key to mastering any subject is practice. Solve sample papers and become familiar with the exam format. Samriddhi, Arnav, T. Chetan, Roshni N and all the other top performers of Redbridge International Academy have one thing in common. They all used to practice very regularly. Solving Sample papers gives an idea about how much time you are giving to each type of question. It helps in planning strategies for the final board exam.

Create Revision Notes

Samriddhi Told us about how she used to make concise and effective revision notes on every topic of each subject. These notes serve as a handy reference during the final revision. Summarise key points, formulas and definitions in your own words.

Time Management

Time management plays a pivotal role in exam preparation. Allocate time wisely Based on weightage and your level of understanding of a topic. Prioritize subjects requiring more attention. Set realistic deadlines for completing topics and stick to them.

Role of Physical and Mental Health

Physical and Mental health is crucial during the preparation of exams. Arnav Trivedi, one of the highest scorers, marks this point as very important. He used to take proper care of his physical and mental health. It starts with eating healthy. Eat nutritious meals, get enough sleep and engage in some physical activity to keep your mind and body in the best condition.
Avoid taking excessive stress. Practising relaxation techniques like meditation or deep breathing exercises helps to stay calm and focused.

Preparing for the 10th final ICSE board exam requires discipline and dedication. Understanding the syllabus, Organizing their study schedule, practising regularly and taking good care of physical and mental health help students boost their confidence and perform well in the exams.
Redbridge International Academy, regarded as the best residential school in bangalore is very proud of all the students who put in their best efforts in ICSE final board exams 2023. We have achieved 100% results and the credit goes to all the students, teachers, staff and parents who worked hard in achieving this outstanding result.