Uncovering the Top 5 Reasons for an International School

The foundation for shaping our children’s future is laid by education. Choosing the ideal school is an important decision that parents must make to ensure the success of their children. A good school should work to develop each student’s special talents and foster an environment where they can grow into well rounded, self-reliant young students.

In this modern age, parents are aware of how impactful education at International schools can be. Let us discuss a few ways by which we can easily find out why an international school is the best for students. We will also discuss the major differences between other schools from the standpoint of curriculum, facilities, teaching methodologies and more.

In this article, we’ll take a look at seven of the top reasons for parents to consider international schools for their children. 

What Is an International School?

An international school is an educational institution that follows an international curriculum and a study culture that stimulates independent thinking, and holistic education and welcomes students from across the globe. International education provides students with a better understanding of the world and prepares them to become successful members of the global community.

International schools offer instruction in multiple languages due to parents’ professional obligations. These schools also emphasize cultural awareness, respect for diversity and multiculturalism, and understanding different perspectives.

Quality Education: Why It Matters

Student-Teacher Ratio:

The best school in Bangalore, Redbridge International Academy maintain an optimal student-teacher ratio. This results in more personalized instruction, tutoring, and attention that can help your child exceed their potential gradually.

International IB Curriculum:

These schools also use international curricula like the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, the aim of which is to bring about a sense of globalisation in children of young age groups.

However, the best ICSE international school in Bangalore is Redbridge International Academy, where IB and IGCSE curricula are also offered. 

Extra Curricular Activities:

On top of that, international schools often offer an array of extracurricular activities to help round out your child’s education with hands on experience in areas like technology, music, art and dance. 

At an international school, students can learn about global cultural awareness and appreciation through various learning methods and materials. Whether it’s through interactive activities, virtual field trips and collaborative projects or language classes and exchange student programs, students come away with a much more well rounded education than they would have at a traditional school.

Cultural Diversity:

The next key reason for choosing an international school is the diversity experienced here by students. When you send your children to the best  international school in Bangalore, like Redbridge International Academy they get the chance to experience different cultures, learn different languages and understand different religious and moral values. Students learn from peers from other countries and different backgrounds, and this multiculturalism helps build connections with people around the world.

International teachers can also provide insight from their native countries — from customs to current events — and understand the challenges faced by international students coming from all around the world. An internationally diverse, experienced faculty allows students to gain a real-world, global view of their studies.

Sprawling Environment:

In addition, ranked among the top international schools in Bangalore with the Best infrastructure, at Redbridge International Academy, you’ll find students of all ages and abilities in a close-knit learning environment. This creates a diverse learning experience which encourages open-mindedness and critical thinking, helping young minds to better understand their place in the world.

Wide Opportunities:

What’s more, many international schools have partnerships with universities across the globe so that their graduates can matriculate into those institutions for further study. This is especially useful for those who want to experience life in another country—being able to take part in a semester abroad or internships overseas is priceless.

Intercultural Competence

International schools also give students access to the world through their intercultural competence –– the ability to understand people from other cultures, while creating opportunities for shared respect and understanding.

A Foundation for International Success

Are you looking for a way to give your children the best start in life? An international school can be just the ticket that you’re looking for. One of the things that sets an international school apart is its different curricula. 

At Redbridge International Academy, students benefit from curricula such as ICSE, IGCSE and IB with a focus on global understanding and multicultural awareness. Your children will gain a good understanding of both local and international perspectives, giving them an extra edge when it comes to their career prospects in our increasingly globalized world.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Program
International schools often offer the IB program, a curriculum that offers flexible learning paths tailored to individual student needs. It’s also highly regarded by universities all around the world, so your child will have access to higher education opportunities without having to take additional tests or exams.

English as a Language of Instruction (ELOI)

Many international schools feature English as the language of instruction (ELOI). This gives students not only fluency in English but also expands their understanding and appreciation for different cultures. As ELOI gives even non-native English-speaking children an equal chance at success, this type of setting can help level the playing field and give everyone an equal opportunity for academic success.

Different curricula can provide your child with not only the tools they need to achieve success but also an understanding of what it takes to communicate globally — setting them up for success in our ever more connected world.

Experienced Faculty: How It Impacts Student Learning

The faculty at an international school makes all the difference in student learning. Not only are these instructors often more experienced in the subject matter, but they also demonstrate a level of cultural understanding that is extremely valuable.

All of these factors have immense benefits for international students – it’s no surprise that so many highly motivated individuals seek out this unique type of education.


All in all, an international school is a great choice for students and provides a variety of benefits that can help shape their future success. From the international curriculum offerings and globally recognized qualifications to well rounded educational experiences and opportunities to learn in different cultural contexts, international schools in Bangalore like Redbridge International Academy, provide the perfect setting for students to acquire the skills they need to become successful and competitive in a global world. So, if you are looking for the best school for your child, consider Redbridge International Academy and watch their success soar!