Top 5 Benefits Of Arts And Music In The Development Of Students: Insights From The Best International School, Bangalore!

Music and art have been an inherent part of human culture for centuries. Every civilization has engaged itself in one or the other form of art. It helps to bind society together. Beyond providing entertainment, art and music have always impacted positively on the overall development of a human being

The teaching staff at Redbridge International Academy, the Best IB board school in Bangalore, always keep an eye on the learning of the students. Teachers make sure that every student is taking part in some form of art, music or dance motivating them to explore their talents and develop their traits to great potential in the future.

In this blog, we will explore the top 5 ways in which music and art help in the development of students.


Empathy is important in the development of a human being as it helps us understand someone else’s feelings. It helps students to understand each other better and form stronger relationships. Music and arts help students to feel an expansive range of emotions which helps them in developing better emotional intelligence. While listening to music or creating any art. Students go through a lot of emotions they might not have felt before or will not experience while practising formal studies. These can be deciphered through music, art and dance.


In a world full of such aggressive competition, We sometimes forget how important creativity is for students. Encouraging creativity from a young age is very important. Engaging students in creative activities like music and creating art helps them to explore themselves to their fullest potential. Engaging in music and other arts helps the brain to achieve a more open state which makes space for more different ideas to flow inside it. Creativity sets children apart from each other. 

The curriculum at Redbridge International Academy, the Best International Board School In Bangalore, makes sure that the creative learning of a child is taken good care of. The school provides an environment where students can boost their creativity and their critical thinking skills


Music has been well known for its positive health impact. The use of music to heal minds has been in practice for thousands of years. There is numerous research which proves how music and arts help improve mood and focus. Music and arts also help students in their cognitive development. Different art forms help in developing and improving different skills. Some art forms help in improving motor skills while the creation of some arts helps improve visual-spatial abilities. Apart from improving physical development, music and arts also help students develop reasoning skills. It boosts the confidence of the child which helps them overcome the challenging situation they would face in the future.

IBDP at Redbridge International Academy Promotes Music and arts in such a way that students themselves start generating interest. Teachers encourage students to develop new skills which not help in the present but in every stage of their life. 


In this new age world, you will find a lot of examples near you which show how only knowledge is not enough to succeed. Self-confidence is one the first thing everyone needs apart from knowledge. Music and arts have great benefits in the improvement of self-confidence. Creating art helps children to improve dedication, focus and perseverance. When a child can understand music or create art, it boosts his confidence and It translates into their academic performance too. 


Music and arts are those things which remove boundaries. You can listen to music of any kind, in any language. While seeing an art form you don’t know where is the artist from or belongs to which part of society. While it celebrates different cultures, it also promotes inclusivity. Children from a young age should be made aware of these things so that they see every human being through the same lens.

In conclusion, Music and arts are really important in the development of a person. It helps to prepare a human being for the upcoming challenges he has to face in life.

Redbridge International Academy is the Best IB International school in Electronic City. The school also is the Best ICSE school in Bangalore. The school takes care of the all-around development of its students. There are several dedicated and spacious rooms for practice. Trained staff are assigned to teach music, musical instruments, dance, art and theatre at RBIA. The school has an unmatchable infrastructure. Through its progressive learning methodology, the school helps students to find their interests and helps them succeed in life. 

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