Building The Leaders Of Tomorrow | Our Approach

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Education is for tomorrow. What we sow today will influence a whole generation. Therefore, it is important to cultivate qualities beyond academics in children. More than a good student, a good employee or a good entrepreneur, let us aim and build a generation of leaders with a good heart. Education is beyond books, a healthy mind and a sound attitude is what lasts. 

Win in exams, and life too

Winning exams and securing good grades are important too. But a good educational institution sees beyond that. At RedBridge International Academy, we make sure that our students get the right perspective, values and ethics that define a successful person. We take care of them in all stages of their education. Be it our reading encouragement program with WoW Lite or our STEM-based Bee Curious program, we always think of our students first. Their career, their future and their success as human beings is of utmost importance to us. 

Good education’s primary aim is not about cultivating good employees, but capable citizens who stop at nothing when it comes to chasing their dreams. We give them everything to do well in exams, do well in interviews, securing respectable employment and every demand of a competitive society. But we also focus on making them individuals with their own views and opinions. As people who influence others, make a difference around them and walk a path that others are not confident about. 

Our focus has always been to give our students the extra that helps them win the race against time. We build citizens who do not accept failure at the first defeat. They keep fighting until they acquire what truly belongs to them. 

Our Partnership with QShala

Why QShala?

QShala is an industry leading program which works with businesses, and educational institutions to achieve general awareness-focused 21 st -century ready individuals. They were able to produce quantifiable results with big companies and marketing teams. QShala was successful in improvising the work culture in office setups and helping improve sales for marketing teams. Their experience in handling serious environments is no doubt an asset to our students. 

QShala works with students of all age groups to help them achieve curiosity and inquisitiveness. They make use of fun and engaging questions, stories and other similar thought provoking means to provide students with deeper context to curriculum and world scenarios. QShala encourages students to ask questions, work as a team, promote critical thinking, and teach them methodical approaches to problem solving. Qshala employs methodical and experiential teaching methods to prepare students for the future without sacrificing the fun element. 

QShala has been doing this since 2014, transforming the lives of 10,000 + students during this period. They have worked with various schools, colleagues, corporates and Non profit organisations helping them achieve a unique perspective on life and the people around them. 

QShala and RedBridge International Academy 

Our partnerships with institutions like QShala have ensured that our students get to know the real world, the real challenges and issues that will come looking for them soon. We not only help them identify these bottlenecks but also prepare them boldly. Together with QShala, RedBridge International Academy aims to empower our students to understand things beyond academics and cultivate leadership and team building skills in them. 

There is a lot more than we see in the real world. It is essential that children at least have a glimpse of it before facing them unprepared. Our partners like QShala have helped us achieve our goals of preparing students for academics and beyond. 

Our promise 

RedBridge International Academy is committed to giving our 100% to assist our students to excel in all forms of life. We promise to continuously work towards achieving this goal and do everything in our power to build a generation of able leaders and critical thinkers.

Learn At Your Own Pace | Custom Learning Experience

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Why learn at your own pace?

Learning is a never ending process. But for some students, it is a painful one. The reason is often the difference in the ability to grasp an idea. Some students are so sharp that they listen keenly and understand the vocal instructions in no time. Sadly, for some students, they are not as fast as some of their peers. They take their time to receive input. This, by no means, means that they have any learning disability. It is simply the nature or character of some children to be calm, dreamy and silent. They are in no way slow or behind anyone else. Sadly, this is often disregarded in many educational institutions. Life is a race and the fastest wins, no matter if they have better spikes than their peers. 

At RedBridge International Academy, we are committed to eradicating any such injustice towards students. It is ok if a student is not a fast learner. We know that they are good at understanding ideas and only need some time or repeated input to gather the idea. An experienced teacher would easily know who is the fast learner and who is the steady one. Irrespective of the skills of teaching faculty, we aim to provide a level playing field for all students. It is not a mammoth task either. Mainly because we use Ei Mindspark, which allows students to learn at their own pace, level of complexity and with a custom experience. 

What is Ei Mindspark?

Mindspark and students

The RedBridge International Academy makes use of an intelligent learning software called Ei Mindspark. It helps students learn Mathematics, English and Science in a way comfortable to them. Their own pace, questions that suit them and slowly improving the speed and complexity of learning. With Ei Mindspark, children are never against odds that they cannot win. Ei Mindspark is an intelligent software serving over 2 million questions to students to help them understand subjects that are hard for them. The software gets better as students use it. It understands how fast they decipher the question and also what kind of complexity to begin with. 

In simple words, Ei Mindspark makes life easier for students, helps them understand problems better and learn in a way they can handle. 

Ei Mindspark can 

For students, 

# Identify and adapt to their learning pace

# Instant feedback based on their input 

# Let them know where they are weak

# Help them fix the weak spots

# Make learning interesting 

# Granular content for easy learning 

For parents,

Mindspark is not a student only program. It also has data and analytics that parents can make use of. These include 

#  Reports based child’s on the child’s performance and progress

# Benchmarks their performance against a national scale 

# Help understand areas that the child needs attention

# Share achievements and strong points 

# Custom recommendations on how and where parents can help

Ei Mindspark is a complete tool that helps students and parents alike. Its reports allow parents to help them where they are weak instead of being sad about low scores in exams. With  RedBridge International Academy and Ei Mindspark at your side,  a student is never behind anyone in life or academics. 

Not just a tool, it is famous 

Mindspark is not just another tool that is built for e-learning. It is one of the leading players in the educational sector with recognition from reputed names like Harvard Business School, MIT etc. Ei Mindspark is used in over 300 + schools by more than 15,000 teachers serving 5,00,000 + students. 

Because we care

At RedBridge International Academy we are committed to a level playing field for all students. For us, each student is a superhero. We believe in them and like to see them as winners. Our students mean everything to us and we go lengths to make life easier for them. 

5 Ways : How and International School Build a Child’s Self-esteem and Confidence

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Feeling good about oneself and identifying your own capability is important and meaningful in life. Children with self-confidence are better able to make decisions with their best interests in mind.  Parents and teachers play a pivotal role in building self-esteem and confidence in their children. Kids who grow up with confidence in their own abilities tend to do better in school, have better control of their own emotions and behaviour, and excel in sports and socialisation

As children grow and develop their interests, they will probably face many challenges or obstacles. Self-confidence helps them to fight all the difficulties that they face to achieve their goals. With the proper guidance, Redbridge International Academy, one of the best IB schools in Bangalore, emphasises helping your students to defeat those challenges and come out feeling better about their abilities. Let’s explore some essential tips to help your child achieve optimal self-confidence. 

Redbridge International Academy Fosters Positive Reinforcement to Build up a Student’s Self-esteem: 

For personality development in children, Self-confidence and self-esteem are important markers. A child’s self-confidence helps them grow in every sphere of their life and helps them feel more self-assured.  Further, low confidence is also an obstacle to their emotional and social growth. It may hamper skill development as a child is not self-assured that they can learn properly.  Having good self-esteem is always feeling confident. As a distinguished IGCSE school in Bangalore, our educators always try to encourage our students by creating various activities and positive surroundings. We believe that when children have good or high self-esteem, they:

  • feel good about who they are most of the time
  • believe in themselves, and their own qualities and strengths
  • believe that they are worthy and deserving of all the good things in life.

Let’s have a look at some ways that our international school helps students to build up their confidence level.

  • We Help Students to Set Goals

Goals are a great way to let children feel they have control, which is great for building confidence.  As a reputed International School in Bangalore, we implement innovative ideas to gently guide our child but to allow them to decide what they want their goals to be.  We always try to set a specific timeline to give our students the best chance of achieving their goals.

  • Talk To Students about Their Genuine Interests 

As responsible parents and teachers, we have been carrying for generations. However, it is time that we give our children independence and autonomy in their decision-making. It will let students do what they truly like and provide them with control and confidence over their schedule!

  •  We Encourage Students to Try innovative things

Instead of focusing all their energy on what they are already best at, it’s good for children to diversify. Attaining new skills makes them feel confident and capable that they can tackle whatever comes their way.  Redbridge International Academy, a renowned International school near Electronic City where we celebrate the areas that our students are already good at, also helps them to occasionally step out of their comfort zones. When students take in new challenges, they gain more confidence in their abilities. Exploring their own passion or interest can help students develop a sense of identity, which is essential to building confidence. 

  • Praise Perseverance

At Redbridge International Academy, we always try to make them learn not to give up at first frustration or fail. Never giving up motto is an important life skill. Self-esteem and confidence are not about succeeding at everything all the time, they’re about being resilient enough not to be distressed and to keep trying if you’re not the best.

  • We Celebrate Their Efforts

Celebrating students’ efforts helps them know that they have done something good, and even encourages them to keep it up. Praising students for their accomplishments is great, but it’s also vital to let them know you’re proud of their efforts regardless of the outcome. It takes hard work to develop new skills, and results don’t always come immediately. Here we always let our students know you value the work they’re doing, which helps to boost their confidence and encourage them to do innovative things.


Self-esteem and confidence are significant characteristics and traits, and children need opportunities to develop them. As a leading IB School In Electronic City, Redbridge International Academy strongly believes that With encouragement, time and attention children can learn to embrace their capabilities and challenge their weaknesses. As responsible parents and teachers, we should always help build our children’s self-esteem, and let them know how valued and important they are.

Want to know more about our child development programs and curriculum? Feel free to reach out to us

Play, Learn, Grow: The Holistic Approach to Pre-Primary Education by International Schools

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International School Near Electronic City

Bangalore is often referred to as the Garden City, and for good reason. Blessed with a fantastic climate and wonderful gardens, Bangalore is no doubt one of the finest cities to live in India. Bangalore is also blessed with fine educational institutions for all age groups. Among these fine educational institutions, some are really elite. They are elite for many reasons. For example, being an IB school in Electronic City,  for the kind of people who send their children to these schools, for the atmosphere of education in the school or the fine results they produce. 

One of the Best ICSE Schools in Bangalore

Redbridge International Academy is often referred to as the best ICSE school in Bangalore. The credit goes to our wonderful students who never failed to make us proud, both inside and outside the campus. When people look for an international school in Bangalore, or an IGCSE School in Bangalore or a School near Electronic City, Redbridge International Academy is always their choice. Mainly because we are the number one choice for students who believe in winning, no matter what. The elite crowd in Bangalore also prefer us because they want to give the best for their students.

Our Holistic Approach to Pre-Primary Education 

Redbridge International Academy is known for its holistic approach to education. We have been felicitated many times by prestigious organisations for our excellence in experiential learning programs. We always did our best to integrate the best of technology into our educational process. These are meant to provide a solid foundation for students to excel. While we succeed at that, we also make sure that they get enough sunlight and wind too. They get to experience rain, the real world, nature in our well maintained 18 acre campus. 

Our status as the best international school in Bangalore is not only because our children score good grades but also because they grow healthy and strong as any child should be. They are not confined to the concrete walls of classrooms instead, they get to know nature as it is. We let our students be children and like any best ICSE schools in Bangalore, we help them play and learn as they grow. 

Sunlight as a source of Energy

The benefits of sunlight are scientifically proven. We never make our students shy away from nature. We encourage them to be involved in outdoor activities as they should. We also provide careful supervision and guidance in outdoor activities. This includes their participation in games and sports. Every great athlete and sportsperson was a child once. Playing outdoors is also an integral part of the learning process. It makes them fresh, healthy and improves concentration. Being active outdoors helps students do well inside classrooms as well. Mainly because an active mind is good for the learning process.

Our wide, well protected, 18 acre campus gives our students ample opportunities to get exposed to pure and fresh air. It helps them stay away from pollution and breathing difficulties. 

Pre-Primary Education at International School near Electronic City

The fact that we are an IB School so close to Electronic City has its own benefits. We are never too far away from the city. Which means transportation is not a big hurdle. Even while closer to the city our students still get to enjoy fresh air, pure water and nature like no other educational institution in Bangalore. 

We have a carefully planned, well designed pedagogical approach for our young students. These guidelines and policies are revisited every year for perfection. We want our young students to grow up socially, and emotionally strong and focus on their overall well-being. We want them to be keen observers, critical thinkers, avid learners and smart and good men and women of the future. 

We make sure to nurture their talents and improve their observation skills and creativity through systematic assistance and guidance. We help them understand and give a perspective of the real world and how things work there, and help them be ready for it. It is all about giving them the proper groundwork so that they can transform into able and efficient learners of the future. 

The outdoor classes let them have first hand knowledge of organic farming, and animal husbandry to improve their emotional connection with topics outside academics. 

We want to give them the understanding to grow up independent and resourceful so that there is no challenge they cannot achieve in life. Being close to nature and infusing learning into playing helps young blood achieve better success in life. 

They might not be yet ready to deal with sports and games as adults would do. But we make sure that they get involved with them or at least be in the audience so that it is no alien activity to them. To see their seniors play and train gives them the perspective and knowledge to achieve the same later in life. 


Children are curious beings. They like to observe what we do and learn. Being the best international school in Bangalore, Redbridge International Academy ensures that pre primary education is nothing less than a good basement for children to grow up as successful individuals.

If you want to know more about our curriculum, feel free to contact us any time

Pre-Primary and the Great Outdoors: International school near Electronic City

IB School in Electronic City

International School in Bangalore

Bangalore, often referred to as the Silicon Valley of India is the major IT of the country. IT companies, Indian and foreign flock to get a space in this major IT landscape. From Foxconn to Infosys, companies big and small have made their imprint on the city of Bangalore. This also means that there is an elite class that lives in Bangalore and has all the basic needs including the education of their children. IT or not, India is a land where education is looked upon as an important aspect of life. Parents like to give their children the best possible education right from the beginning. A lot of parents believe that International schools in Bangalore are the right choice for this kind of start. Being an IT hub, a lot of parents also look for an International school near Electronic City. The main reason why they are looking for an IB School in Electronics City is because transportation can be a great challenge in Bangalore. Traffic in Bangalore is known to take time off the table without any mercy. 

Best ICSE School in Bangalore

ICSE schools are well accepted among elite Indian parents. Unlike other educational programs, parents see more value in the ICSE board programs. 

Is ICSE better than CBSE? 

While it is debatable, a lot of educationalists believe that ICSE covers more subjects and topics than CBSE.

Nature and Pre-Primary Educational System

For a long time, nature served as the best teacher for children. Ancient texts mention that even princes were supposed to leave their palaces and stay in gurukulas where they get to understand nature as simple human beings. This is relevant even in this age when nature is being threatened by humans more than at any other time in the history of mankind. Children and nature are supposed to be in sync. Not knowing their origin is far from being themselves. 

RedBridge International Academy understands the need for students to mingle with nature. We, therefore, give them every chance to spend time outdoors and mingle with the real world under our careful watch. Our policy about nature in education is beyond doubt. As an IGCSE School in Bangalore and a prominent International school near Electronics City, we have responded well to our responsibilities. 

A Professional Approach y IGCSE School in Bangalore

Pre-Primary and beyond, our students experience the real calm wind and enough sunlight to keep them active and healthy. RedBridge International Academy has a well planned and organised sports and games integration as a part of the curriculum. 

We make sure that our students can pick any sports or games that fits their age group. Care is given that they get a free hand when attempting it. Students get to practise outdoor activities freely under the professional watch. Their choice of sports or game starts with assessment of aptitude, initial display of skills, display of knowledge during initial training and more. 

At RedBridge International Academy, being one of the best ICSE Schools in Bangalore, we care about physical education, wellness and the feel good factor with equal weightage. Not just professional games and sports, we encourage students to walk, indulge in physical movements and get safely exposed to sunlight wherever possible. 

We are so proud of our wide 18 acre campus, which is well protected by motion detection, IR powered, HD cameras and security personnel. Our students get the benefit of well maintained natural surroundings instead of monotonous concrete walls. They get to see the sun, experience the wind, get to know when it rains and feel them first hand without harming their well-being.

The fresh and pure air and the flora help children improve their concentration and keep them fresh all day.  As one of the finest International School in Bangalore, we take utmost care in the emotional and psychological well-being of our students. This is in sync with their exposure to the natural environment, outdoors and activities that keep them fresh and sharp. 

Sports Activities at International School near Electronic City

Our campus is equipped with world class sports facilities that help young students to grow up into able sportsmen, even help them choose sports as their career. We give them essential and advanced training in basketball, football, cricket, hockey,  badminton, volleyball, throwball and more. We have well built and well maintained infrastructure in place so that our students are second to none when it comes to high quality facilities to groom their sports careers. 

We also help our students with adequate facilities to train and succeed in athletics, horseback riding, kabaddi, skating, Kho Kho and other prominent sports and games. 

Children at RedBridge International Academy also get to train in swimming (outsourced) so that they are never behind natural world skills. 


RedBridge International Academy, the finest International school near Electronic City help our pre-primary students get the best outdoor exposure possible. Pure and fresh air, adequate sunlight etc can bring a positive change in them. Being the best IGCSE School In Electronic City and the best ICSE school in Bangalore, our curriculum is a complete one. 

Is your child getting ready for pre-primary education? Want to know more about our programs? You can contact us for more details.

Sleep Management and its Influence on Top IGCSE School Students

International school near Electronic City

The Best ICSE School in Bangalore Understands its Importance

Sleep is God’s gift to mankind. There is nothing remotely closer than a good night’s sleep that can give you a fresh day. It is scientifically proven that people who sleep well showcase improved productivity during the daytime. It is the same for adults and children. In the case of children, the importance of sleep is many times higher. 

Sleep is also essential for the proper functioning of our body. That is the period when our body rests after a busy day of working tirelessly. Various studies show that children below the age of 5 years need at least 10 hours of sleep per day. For the 6-12 age group, it is a minimum of 9 hours and a minimum of 8 hours for teenagers. 

Sleep and International School Near Electronic City

RedBridge International Academy, the best ICSE school in Bangalore understands the importance of sleep and takes necessary precautions so that our students are never sleep deprived. RedBridge International Academy, the best school in Bangalore has different protocols in place to ensure that students are well cared for and none of the activities contribute to a bad sleep cycle. A bad night’s sleep can have both mental and physical implications. Children who have a bad sleep cycle are often seen to display unnecessary anger, irritation, lack of concentration and moodiness. Lack of sleep can often affect mood and behaviour and can influence the immune system.

It is not just the lack of sleep that can cause issues. If they do not get a sound sleep it is also considered as a sleeping disorder. Bad dreams, nightmares, unable to sustain deep sleep for enough duration etc can have a bad effect on children. 

RedBridge International Academy, being one of the top IGCSE schools in Bangalore works with parents and notifies them if our students display any symptoms of bad sleep or sleeping disorders. We have an active medical room with a full-time nurse who can assist children if there is anything out of order. 

Let us discuss a few methods to improve sleep patterns and stay away from a bad sleep cycle

Active Sleep Cycle Suggestion by the Best ICSE School In Bangalore

Make it a habit to sleep at 10 PM and wake by 6 AM. Depending on the age group parents can adjust this sleep cycle accordingly. But ensure that children go to sleep at the same time every day. Even if they cannot sleep instantly, lying down in bed and trying to sleep is important. Once you maintain an active sleep cycle, children can sleep and wake up without assistance. They wake up at the same time even without alarms or parents waking them up. Similarly, once this is a part of the routine, children will start feeling sleepy by their regular bedtime. 

As the best IGCSE school in Electronic City, RedBridge International Academy works with parents to make them aware of this very simple method to avoid a bad sleep cycle. 

Be Active 

To get a good sleep at night, it is important that children are active enough during the daytime. Some time on the playground, some exercise, sport or games or their natural being children can help achieve this goal. When they have a tiring day, sleeping is no longer a challenge. A tired body can normally convince the mind to sleep on time. 

RedBridge International Academy, the best school in Bangalore, gives outdoor activities a prominent place in our curriculum. 

Enough Sunlight at the Best School in Bangalore

Both ancient and modern civilisations agree that enough sunlight can do magic. It has healing powers for the body and mind. Decent exposure to sunlight by children can help them maintain a good sleep cycle. It not only rejuvenates them but also ensures a healthy and active body and mind. 

This is one of the reasons why RedBridge International Academy invests a lot of time and energy to ensure that our students get to experience nature at its best. Our well protected, 18 acre campus is a reliable mode for interacting with nature in a safe way. 

Blue light is not good 

The influence of blue light on sleep is a well researched topic. Try to reduce exposure to blue light as much as possible. Especially after 7 PM. Try using special computer glasses that filter blue light, use Night Light mode in Windows when available, install blue light blocking methods on your smart devices etc can help get a sound sleep at night. 

It is good to avoid using smart devices too much, be it in the daytime or night. Use it when required, take intervals to give rest to your eyes and stop using them when your eyes start revolting. 


There are a lot of other factors that help too. Including not oversleeping or sleeping during the daytime etc. Give children a calm and neat bedroom, set the bedroom temperature to optimal levels and keep the bed comfortable. 

RedBridge International Academy, one of the top IGCSE schools in Bangalore conducts regular medical checkups for our students. We help parents identify any sleep related issues or disorders on time. Being the best school in Bangalore, we take it as our responsibility to provide children with the best care possible on campus and outside. Our curriculum is a well designed healthy solution for students to achieve the heights they deserve. It is a complete effort to help them stay healthy in every way possible. 

Need to know more about how we invest in the well-being of our students? We are happy to assist. You can contact us without hesitation.

Give Them The Perspective | Technology & Beyond

There was a time when postcards were the fastest way to communicate casually. It was considered cheap, effective and efficient. People were happy about it as well. That was some 30 years ago. It is no longer considered worthy of that title anymore. Technology is a fast changing field. Either you keep up or get lost in time. 

Technology as a tool

For educational institutions, technology is an integral part of the learning process. From textbooks, we have advanced to video labs and smart classrooms. The use of technology is a necessity because society is more and more influenced by it. The rollout of 4G and 5G technology and the already into business – the development of 6G made sure that people are using smart devices to communicate. Students are not alien to smart devices anymore. They are already taking advantage of smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and other advanced gadgets to record, learn and memorise. 

RedBridge International Academy makes sure that our students are never behind the standards set by the job industry and society. We make continuous efforts to equip our students with the best technology available for children of their age. Our holistic approach and excellence in experiential learning have equipped us in ways unique to our educational culture. Our programs like Bee Curious help children understand technology and learn how to use it to their advantage. 

Our Partnership with Techradiance

At RedBridge International Academy, our primary focus is to empower students in various aspects of technology. To ensure the effectiveness of this goal, we have partnered with Techradiance, which is an exclusive national level platform that helps students explore advanced technologies. 

Techradiance is no novice in this field. They have partnerships with 800+ educational institutions in the country. Techradiance is known for helping students understand and explore high level technologies like artificial intelligence, cyber security, Android app development, solar panel technology, smart energy systems, robotics and transcending conventional academics. 

Techradiance is an initiative by Harbour Edutech Private Limited which believes in turning students into creators, not just consumers of technology. With our partnership with Techradiance we aim to enhance the level of education we provide to our students.

Techradiance has so far trained more than one lakh students nationwide. They also work with high end educational institutions like IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Hyderabad etc. Techradiance helped students in AI projects in ISRO and is recognised as the best coding and innovation institute.

Education is more than learning and securing good grades in exams. It is about empowering themselves to face the challenges in real life. We not only train them in digital literacy but also help them in cybersecurity education with the help of Techradiance. 

Our Commitment 

At  RedBridge International Academy, we believe in the responsible use of technology. Be it artificial intelligence or Android app development, we help children learn technology responsibly. We help to think out of the box so that what they learn will help them achieve results in real life. We make sure that our students excel in coding, advanced concepts and practical applications of technology.

Our Promise

 RedBridge International Academy believes in empowering students to achieve a social status second to none. Our carefully structured curriculum and educational process ensures that this goal is always met. Our experiential learning programs help them understand concepts that are normally hard to grasp. With our effective partnership with Techradiance and other efforts to improve students’ technological prowess, we aim to help our students achieve results enviable to all. 

Technology is an ever changing field. Therefore, it is essential to keep one updated with the latest changes and advancements. Our various partnerships help us achieve this task without fail. 

Wings of Words To Empower Their Future

Knowledge is not like medicine. We cannot feed it to people unless they are open to it, irrespective of how much they need it. An open mind happens only when there is enough enthusiasm. Children, during their school years, are more focused on fun and creative tasks than exploring their creative side. It is a natural tendency that we do not want to disturb. Instead, we try to help them understand that there are other activities that give happiness. 

Not all children are known to be creative in an intellectual way. It doesn’t mean they can’t. We just need to help them and show the way. While the choice between physically active and intellectually involved can be a hard one for some students, we have always found ways to overcome it. 

Why reading is important?

We have advanced so much these days that knowledge is almost fed directly into our brains. The process of receiving data and interpreting it to mine information is a lost art these days. There was a time when television was holding off children’s ability to think and act solely based on facts. These days, with smartphones, iPads, personal computers, AR, VR, AI helping them assess data, there is little chance that they can process crude information. 

These advanced technologies are helpful, we have no doubt about that. In fact, we try our best to integrate the latest technology to help students understand concepts and theories. But there is always permissible room for other ways of learning too. 

Reading is a proven way of upgrading a person’s imagination and creativity. We are not talking about textbooks and curriculum related content. Instead, we try to give them fresh, new, unexplored ideas which they were never exposed to. And, they are on their own to try and understand it. Believe me, you will be amazed to know that a single story will pose ten different ideas to ten different children. The same story will be different to different children. This is mainly because of factors like intellectual capacity, character, real life, exposure to complex ideas of thoughts etc. 

Imagine, when a single, small, storybook can induce such a high level of creativity, how much will a library be capable of?

Different types of books

When choosing books for children, it is important to be as careful as possible. A carefully picked list of books based on their interest can help them achieve impossible tasks, inside and outside the realm of academics. The idea of throwing a lot of random books to a group of children is not a good idea. At least in the early stages, we need to try and identify the kind of books they have an interest in. 

There are different types of books available on platforms like Kindle. But let us not expose them to that unsafe territory. Let us help them pick the right books, help them minimally and try to encourage them to improve imagination and creative thinking.

How does reading help their future? 

# Help achieve academic excellence

# Help them clear group discussions

# Help them perform well in job interviews

# Adds an intellectual layer to their character

# Trains the brain to be faster and more efficient

# Prepare them to be open to new concepts and ideas

WoW Lite for Excellence 

To achieve them all, we have an excellent partner to help. Stone2Miles’ WoW Lite Program is a revolutionary step to encourage the right type of reading in children. WoW Lite helps children interact with more than text. There is an equal participation of children and teachers and properties like signs, word walls, labels, posters etc are used. This helps children give context by connecting words and pictures.

WoW Lite offers assistance during reading periods, at the library space, helps children with a list of carefully selected Indian and international books, homework that is suitable for their age, and an annual online state reading competition. 

How does Wings of Words help?

WoW Lite offers 30 + sessions of fun and noise-filled reading activities per year. Each session is 40 minutes long. WoW Lite also helps teachers, librarians and small children improve their reading skills. The teaching faculty also gains improved insights into the science of teaching reading. The program also helps librarians transform the library into a fun filled space rather than a boring place. 

Online & mobile Apps from WoW Lite

In this era of technology, WoW Lite is not shy of making use of the best of them to help our students gain an edge in this highly competitive world. There are more than one e-tools that students can use. 

WoW Connect 

Online platform for teachers giving access to training videos and other materials that help them empower students in the art of reading. 


It is an online platform for children to measure their reading ability and expertise level. This online assessment platform helps students check them against national benchmarks. 

Freadom App

This mobile is specially designed to help parents improve the reading skills in their children. 

List of online and mobile apps from WoW Lite

  1. Freadom parent app
  2. FAST reading assessment portal
  3. WoW Connect – App for teachers
  4. Freadom footnotes 

Weekly newsletters and support for young parents

  1. Stone2milestones website

Sports & Beyond at RedBridge International Academy

An educational institution primarily focuses on academic excellence. But that is the basic goal. At RedBridge International School, we tend to try and do above the average. That is why all work and no play has never been our motto.

Physical exercise and activities have their place in our routine. Gandhiji, the father of our nation, always emphasises the importance of physical activities as a part of the curriculum. In fact, it was his vision that made physical education a part of regular education.

There are many ways of adding extracurricular activities into the regular education process. One is to let students handle them on their own. Children of school age are built to be active. They make effective use of their free time by involving themselves in games that include running, jumping etc. 

More than fun, it’s a profession

Sports and games are not fun activities. There are legends who were born out of them. Be it Sachin Tendulkar or Rahul Dravid, Milkha Singh or PT Usha, there are names that people talk so proudly about. 

Build a career or learn seriously

Your child may be one of those hidden talents that the country or the world is looking for. But you will never know until we give them the chance to test themselves. They all fail many times in the beginning and when the right moment comes, they shine like a star.

CoachDirect, the professionals

Failure is the first step to success. But who will gauge the talent inside them? Surely not the highly trained teaching staff. Their skill set is entirely different. 

It would be unjust to those children when they are not spotted at the right time. That is why we partnered with CoachDirect. They are professionals who specialise in sports and wellness coaching. They work with professional coaches in indoor and outdoor sports and activities. 

CoachDirect has a unique method of gauging, judging and training students. They do not differentiate between talented students and hidden gems. Instead, they help them all equally. The natural talents pick up fast and the hard-working ones pick up when it is time.

There are various stages in CoachDirect’s student coaching process. Students’ performance and skills are well monitored and measured through various tournaments and assessments. 

Healthy lifestyle 

Not everyone chooses sports as their profession. They might have IITs and IIMs as their destiny. But they will still have a healthy lifestyle after they go through the CoachDirects training and encouragement. 

Once they get used to the advanced techniques and knowledge about physical wellbeing, students grow up as healthy individuals with a positive attitude and dynamic lifestyle. 

How International Schools Encourage Passion, Curiosity for Learning in Students

Children are born with innate curiosity and passionate learning. In today’s rapidly changing world, cultivating a genuine passion and nurturing curiosity for learning in children is vital. Extrinsic motivators, such as the desire to impress or fear of failure, may yield short-term results, but they don’t foster enduring lifelong learning. So, how can both parents and educators cultivate curiosity and ignite the flames of passion in children? 

The love of learning can be cultivated and developed by implementing a few simple strategies. Redbridge International Academy, one of the best IGCSE schools near Bannerghatta Road believe self-driven learning is the most important factor in education.  In an era of ever-evolving technology and limitless information, learning should stem from the learner’s own passion. Acquiring knowledge and expertise requires the interest, consistency and effort of students. This is the context for our exploration of some key strategies to cultivate interest in learning and ignite the flames of curiosity in students.

International Schools in Bangalore Encourage Students to Embrace Their Curiosity and Passion

A genuine passion and curiosity for learning are so crucial in today’s fast-paced world.  As a prominent IGCSE School in Bangalore, Redbridge International Academy always empowers student’s Interests and dreams. By implementing the right strategies, parents and educators can help children cultivate a lifelong passion for learning, preparing students for success in a rapidly changing world. Let’s explore that curiosity is not only the significance of intrinsic motivation but also delve into deep learning, where a profound understanding of knowledge reigns supreme. 

Engage Students with Purposeful Work:

We should engage students in diverse projects and tasks that are meaningful and relevant to their learning in the real world. When students watch the impact of their learning and practical relevance, they will become more passionate about learning. We need to motivate them to explore how learning can solve real-life problems. We need to motivate them to handle tasks that are slightly above their current skill level but achievable with effort. Facing difficulties and overcoming them fosters a sense of accomplishment and fuels passion and curiosity for learning.

Celebrating Progress and Success

We should celebrate and recognise children’s progress and successes. We need to break down learning objectives into smaller, acknowledge their achievements and manageable milestones, along the way. The sense of competence and mastery that comes from achieving these milestones encourages a passion for learning and motivates students to pursue goals

Turning Student’s Excitement into Action

If you want your students excited about learning? Then become excited about your students. As one of the IB schools in Bangalore, at Redbridge International Academy, we always try to convert their excitement into action.

  • We know our students’ interests and passions.
  • We convert projects into passion projects.
  • We schedule times to create.
  • We provide physical and online tools to create.

When we include students in learning, we can meet standards.  Let your students explore more and discover new things.

Create Time to Consider and Reflect

Curiosity is a fuel. We should always try to figure things out and, ultimately, learn. This curiosity can remain active even when they’re more passive, particularly in quieter moments when they can go over what they’ve uncovered and consider what it all means. You should make sure you give your children time for this level of reflection.  

Explore Topics That Interest Students

We should use the child’s passions and interests to spark a love for learning. In fact, it will be a good idea to expose the child to different experiences and aspects whether it is visiting a biodiversity park, going to a museum, seeing a theatrical performance & more. Redbridge International Academy is one of the best IB schools in Bangalore where we ensure that diverse learning styles are designed in our curriculum, to enable students to learn through ways they enjoy and feel comfortable with.


By implementing a creative curriculum and the world as a learning playground, we can unlock our child’s potential for self-expression, innovation, and critical thinking. We should consider that every child is unique, so tailor the curriculum to their strengths, interests and learning style. Let their creativity unfold and watch as they embark on a lifelong journey of discovery, exploration and personal growth. 

Redbridge International Academy, one of the distinguished International Schools in Bangalore emphasises the fact that learning is not a race and that different students have different paces of learning. Our curriculum is catered to make students fall in love with the learning process. Being a reputed IB School In Electronic City, we always encourage students to view challenges as learning opportunities.  Recognising students’ progress and successes, breaking down learning objectives into manageable milestones, and creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment is vital for developing self-belief and a sense of belonging. When students feel connected and valued, they are more likely to explore new topics, take challenges and maintain their curiosity for learning.

Students are naturally curious! You should find interesting ways to ignite their curiosity with fun activities. Looking for more ways to boost interest in children? To explore more strategies, feel free to contact us.