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Red Bridge International Academy, as a prestigious, multi-award winning educational institution and one of the best ICSE school in Bangalore aims to provide children with the best academic experience. Our students are leaders in every aspect of their lives,  be it their academic careers, excellence in various competition exams or securing a dignified position in society on their own. 

These achievements are powered by our well structured curriculum, principles and vision to help our students achieve the best in academics, leadership, interdisciplinary learning and social interaction.

Best IGCSE School In Electronic City

Our students join our institution as children and leave them as responsible and able citizens. To this, we give credit to our highly trained and talented teachers and our highly advanced, technology integrated educational process. 

Bee Curious in RBIA, an IB School In Electronic City is one of the many efforts we took to integrate technology to make education easy, productive and joyful. We, as one of the best IGCSE schools near Bannerghatta Road aim to help our students achieve a practical and logical perspective towards various challenging tasks and subjects. 

What is Bee Curious by best ICSE school in Bangalore?

  • STEM programme
  • Hands on interaction
  • Made for children
  • Practical Approach
  • Curriculum ready

What does STEM mean to the best boarding schools in Bangalore?

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

Why is STEM important?

For students, STEM subjects can make or break their academic careers. STEM subjects together add a great influence in our daily lives due to their practical application. They are therefore considered essential for all streams of students be it Pre-K or 10th. It is essential that students get the basic idea of concepts so that they can in higher levels of education handle more complex concepts. 

Why Bee Curious in IB School In Electronic City ?

Bee Curious is an award winning,  specially designed STEM programme aimed at students of various age levels. Bee Curious is more than a video or text based content. It is designed to allow hands on interaction. Which means, if children are taught how a dry cell that is used in torch lights works, they get to know in real, under safe and controlled environment. Students get to see what positive and negative terminals are, how to connect them to a bulb, what happens if there is no complete connection, etc. 

The Practical Approach 

The main attraction of Bee Curious is that it is based on a practical approach towards various concepts and ideas in STEM. The reason why it is so applauded inside and outside our campus is how simple and easy it is. STEM is primarily a logic based concept. It is essential to have a different kind of thinking to interpret various levels of complex concepts. 

Hands on Experience by IGCSE School In Electronic City

In the era of textbooks, students were limited to their strength of imagination. The idea of the solar system was limited to two dimensional pictures. With time, there was a better understanding of the concept due to video labs and smart class rooms. Red Bridge International Academy aims to stay ahead when it comes to the use of technology to ease the effort of understanding concepts. 

Our brilliantly designed STEM programme is much more than a video lab. We provide students the opportunity to understand the concepts as is. Imagine a student dealing with a 3D hard model of planets in a solar system. They get to know how far we are from the sun when it is compared to Mars, Venus, Saturn etc. 

We help them build and thereby have a practical understanding of the solar system. The whole idea is to simplify the learning process and let the idea sink in. 

Critical Thinking by best ICSE school in Bangalore

When you tell a student that the earth is not flat, you are challenging their concept of the environment around them. You even complicate it when you say that the continents are moving. 

The emotional distress in understanding concepts that directly defy general logic is often traumatic. Children overcome this either by ignoring the idea or trying to understand more. If we do not provide them with additional information, there is a good chance that their brain will tend to ignore conflicting ideas. 

This is exactly where the Bee Curious program comes in. From Pre-K to 10th, we help them understand various concepts in a way that is not in direct conflict with their general understanding. Students are encouraged to think straight, ask doubts, and find answers to them on their own. We help them with enough materials to aid critical thinking, logical reasoning and scientific methods of problem solving. 

Practical approach to Problem Solving 

To solve a problem, a student needs to understand it fully. The question should invoke the right response inside them. It should alert the part of them that it has the answer to it. Approaching a problem or concept without prejudice is an important factor here. 

Open minded, practical discussion, opportunity to make mistakes and rectify them, learn concepts by actually solving the real problem etc are an integral part of the programme. 

Meaningful Engagement

Our brain is the most advanced intelligent system the earth has ever known. It has a habit of shelving data that is not essential for our use. For a concept to stick, even with a practical, hands on approach, students need to nurture it further. Like discussions, Q&A sessions, quiz programs and regular examinations. At Red Bridge International Academy, we provide them all and more so that our students are second to none. 


RedBridge International Academy, an International school near Electronic City is proud of being one of the best boarding schools in Bangalore. Our curriculum, powered by programs like Bee Curious is second to none. We are proud to be the best ICSE school in Bangalore.
Are you looking for the best educational option for your child? An educational institution where they can grow as successful human beings? Talk to RedBridge International Academy today!

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