Premazing – 7 Event at Redbridge International Academy : A Dazzling Display of Youthful Talent And Creativity

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Press Release 

Bangalore: 6th November 2023

Redbridge International Academy celebrated the 7th edition of the Premazing Event with lots of joy and enthusiasm on September 23, 2023.  This prestigious International school is thrilled to embark on this remarkable journey into, “The World Without Borders” to a dazzling display of youthful talent and creativity.  The highly experienced educators always emphasise motivating students and are highly committed to bringing a continuing tradition of excellence in a competitive world. The school premises bore witness to a remarkable representation of youthful talents and creativity. This Premazing-7 event brought together more than 500 students from over 25 schools, celebrating their creativity and self-expression. Under the theme world without borders, the school aims to transcend the boundaries and highlight the universal spirit of unity and creativity.

 The Premazing-7 event commenced an array of games and competitions designed to showcase the diverse interests and talents of young participants. Within the supportive environment, this school always tries to provide high-quality, holistic education and prepare their diverse student body for future endeavours. Redbridge International Academy is known to highly appreciate and honour every achievement of its students. The craft and art contest displayed vibrant canvases come to life, while the storytelling competition entranced the audience with a captivating narrative. On the dance floor, movements, rhythms and joyous expressions ruled the day. In the fancy dress, children transformed into their favourite global personalities. This  Premazing-7 event aims to build critical bridges between different youth artists, and personalities strengthening their artistic landscape.

Redbridge International Academy Promotes a Better Understanding Of Art and Culture

Redbridge International Academy, the most renowned international school, is dedicated to inspiring and empowering students to become confident and independent learners. As self-expression and creativity are essential components of the learning process, both art and culture are especially significant for students. The most successful children are those who are confident enough in their own abilities and are fearless to take challenges and explore new ideas. Therefore, as a distinguished international school, Redbridge International Academy aims to create a safe and inclusive learning environment that encourages its students to express themselves freely, without fear of judgement or criticism. The dynamic learning environment fosters meaningful interaction with peers and the world-class faculty as members of a supportive, close-knit community of art educators, artists, cultural workers, and scholars. This flexible program brings students the advanced concepts and immersive, hands-on experiences they need to flourish creatively and academically. The school always encourages students to think creatively and come up with their own ideas. 

Redbridge International Academy strongly believes this helps to foster a sense of ownership and pride in their work, which in turn boosts their confidence and motivation. Learning art and culture goes beyond creating more successful students and creating more successful human beings.  Being an active participant in arts and culture means learning to create and appreciate visual aesthetics that contribute students to a better understanding of culture and the world around us!

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Redbridge International  Academy

#114, S Bingipura Village, Hulimangala Post, Begur – Koppa Rd, Bengaluru, 

Karnataka – 560105

Contact :  +91 9620863456


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