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Education is for life. We believe it is a complete revamp of the human mind. Education is well received only when a student’s mind and body are in good condition. A healthy mind and body together can do magic. At RedBridge International Academy, we make sure that our students get the best health care within the school premises. We take every step possible to ensure that our students are in good health, inside and outside the campus. Inside the school premises, we have the best possible healthcare facilities so that our students, if they come across any difficulty, physical or mental, are well attended to. 

We, the RedBridge International Academy believe that health care is not a luxury. It is the basic right of every child and we do everything possible to keep it that way. Quality education process and healthy students are not separate things. For education to succeed, we need to make sure that students are healthy, both mentally and physically. A healthy mind will avoid a lack of concentration, and easily affected fatigue – improving a student’s ability to grasp ideas quickly. The more active they feel, the better they perform. The same goes for physical fatigue and illness. In case of physical illness, we need to make sure that one student’s possible infectious condition is not affecting other children. For this, we are always alert and equipped with proper isolation facilities and professional health care options. 

Our partnership with AddressHealth 

Our commitment towards the overall physical and mental well-being of our students prompted us to take some extra steps so that we can provide continuous professional healthcare facilities right inside our campus. 

About AddressHealth

AddressHealth is India’s leading healthcare provider for educational institutions. They offer services across India to various leading schools including  Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Gujrat and Pune. Founded in 2010, AddressHealth’s primary goal is to make the paediatric healthcare continuum possible. 

Facilities Provided by AddressHealth

# School medical room services 

# School infirmary services

# A full time nurse – connected to paediatricians through cloud

# Annual health checks

# Mental well-being programs for schools

Apart from the above premium, world-class healthcare facilities, AddressHealth also contributes to a comprehensive health education curriculum so that our students are well educated about common health conditions.

AddressHealth provides a full time nurse who is advised by world class paediatricians through the school infirmary software. This software is connected through cloud servers and provides the nurse access to advice and supervision by expert paediatricians. 

AddressHealth has a complete set of protocols designed to address the most common medical emergencies that can occur in Indian school conditions. With the school infirmary software hosted on high performance cloud servers, we make sure that our students are never deprived of advanced medical care. AddressHealth’s school health program has a state of the art, cloud-based EHR which provides health data of more than 4 lakh children. This data is a valuable resource to keep in sync with the health trends in urban school children. Thereby helping parents take preventive actions to secure the health condition of their children. 

Best suited for Indian conditions 

AddressHealth is designed to attend to the health conditions of students in India. Which ensures that they are treated with the most relevant health data and reference.  The experts are well aware of the Indian medical scene, common medical issues, and common child related health conditions. They are native to the Indian scene and have first hand experience with Indian school conditions. 

Why AddressHealth?

When it comes to our students, we settle for nothing but the best. We want to give them the care of expert and leading paediatricians and health care resources. The fact that there is a well trained,  full time nurse physically present to address the health issues is a great relief in emergency medical conditions. This assures that our students are well attended to, no matter how serious their health condition is. The use of cloud software for health care advice and supervision ensures that they are never far from the medical experts in case there is something that is beyond the local care. 

Our Commitment 

RedBridge International Academy is one of the leading international schools in India. We have a very strong healthcare policy and implementation strategy within our campus. Our partnership with AddressHealth is one of many steps we have taken to ensure the complete care and safety of our students. A healthy body and mind is a crucial part of education. Ensuring those conditions contribute to their overall academic performance and brilliance. This is one reason why our students ace in not just examinations but also in cultural, sports and gaming events. 

We, at RedBridge International Academy, are committed to the overall development and well-being of our students. We take every step possible to make this vision a reality. 

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