How International Schools Encourage Passion, Curiosity for Learning in Students

Children are born with innate curiosity and passionate learning. In today’s rapidly changing world, cultivating a genuine passion and nurturing curiosity for learning in children is vital. Extrinsic motivators, such as the desire to impress or fear of failure, may yield short-term results, but they don’t foster enduring lifelong learning. So, how can both parents and educators cultivate curiosity and ignite the flames of passion in children? 

The love of learning can be cultivated and developed by implementing a few simple strategies. Redbridge International Academy, one of the best IGCSE schools near Bannerghatta Road believe self-driven learning is the most important factor in education.  In an era of ever-evolving technology and limitless information, learning should stem from the learner’s own passion. Acquiring knowledge and expertise requires the interest, consistency and effort of students. This is the context for our exploration of some key strategies to cultivate interest in learning and ignite the flames of curiosity in students.

International Schools in Bangalore Encourage Students to Embrace Their Curiosity and Passion

A genuine passion and curiosity for learning are so crucial in today’s fast-paced world.  As a prominent IGCSE School in Bangalore, Redbridge International Academy always empowers student’s Interests and dreams. By implementing the right strategies, parents and educators can help children cultivate a lifelong passion for learning, preparing students for success in a rapidly changing world. Let’s explore that curiosity is not only the significance of intrinsic motivation but also delve into deep learning, where a profound understanding of knowledge reigns supreme. 

Engage Students with Purposeful Work:

We should engage students in diverse projects and tasks that are meaningful and relevant to their learning in the real world. When students watch the impact of their learning and practical relevance, they will become more passionate about learning. We need to motivate them to explore how learning can solve real-life problems. We need to motivate them to handle tasks that are slightly above their current skill level but achievable with effort. Facing difficulties and overcoming them fosters a sense of accomplishment and fuels passion and curiosity for learning.

Celebrating Progress and Success

We should celebrate and recognise children’s progress and successes. We need to break down learning objectives into smaller, acknowledge their achievements and manageable milestones, along the way. The sense of competence and mastery that comes from achieving these milestones encourages a passion for learning and motivates students to pursue goals

Turning Student’s Excitement into Action

If you want your students excited about learning? Then become excited about your students. As one of the IB schools in Bangalore, at Redbridge International Academy, we always try to convert their excitement into action.

  • We know our students’ interests and passions.
  • We convert projects into passion projects.
  • We schedule times to create.
  • We provide physical and online tools to create.

When we include students in learning, we can meet standards.  Let your students explore more and discover new things.

Create Time to Consider and Reflect

Curiosity is a fuel. We should always try to figure things out and, ultimately, learn. This curiosity can remain active even when they’re more passive, particularly in quieter moments when they can go over what they’ve uncovered and consider what it all means. You should make sure you give your children time for this level of reflection.  

Explore Topics That Interest Students

We should use the child’s passions and interests to spark a love for learning. In fact, it will be a good idea to expose the child to different experiences and aspects whether it is visiting a biodiversity park, going to a museum, seeing a theatrical performance & more. Redbridge International Academy is one of the best IB schools in Bangalore where we ensure that diverse learning styles are designed in our curriculum, to enable students to learn through ways they enjoy and feel comfortable with.


By implementing a creative curriculum and the world as a learning playground, we can unlock our child’s potential for self-expression, innovation, and critical thinking. We should consider that every child is unique, so tailor the curriculum to their strengths, interests and learning style. Let their creativity unfold and watch as they embark on a lifelong journey of discovery, exploration and personal growth. 

Redbridge International Academy, one of the distinguished International Schools in Bangalore emphasises the fact that learning is not a race and that different students have different paces of learning. Our curriculum is catered to make students fall in love with the learning process. Being a reputed IB School In Electronic City, we always encourage students to view challenges as learning opportunities.  Recognising students’ progress and successes, breaking down learning objectives into manageable milestones, and creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment is vital for developing self-belief and a sense of belonging. When students feel connected and valued, they are more likely to explore new topics, take challenges and maintain their curiosity for learning.

Students are naturally curious! You should find interesting ways to ignite their curiosity with fun activities. Looking for more ways to boost interest in children? To explore more strategies, feel free to contact us.

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