Sports & Beyond at RedBridge International Academy

An educational institution primarily focuses on academic excellence. But that is the basic goal. At RedBridge International School, we tend to try and do above the average. That is why all work and no play has never been our motto.

Physical exercise and activities have their place in our routine. Gandhiji, the father of our nation, always emphasises the importance of physical activities as a part of the curriculum. In fact, it was his vision that made physical education a part of regular education.

There are many ways of adding extracurricular activities into the regular education process. One is to let students handle them on their own. Children of school age are built to be active. They make effective use of their free time by involving themselves in games that include running, jumping etc. 

More than fun, it’s a profession

Sports and games are not fun activities. There are legends who were born out of them. Be it Sachin Tendulkar or Rahul Dravid, Milkha Singh or PT Usha, there are names that people talk so proudly about. 

Build a career or learn seriously

Your child may be one of those hidden talents that the country or the world is looking for. But you will never know until we give them the chance to test themselves. They all fail many times in the beginning and when the right moment comes, they shine like a star.

CoachDirect, the professionals

Failure is the first step to success. But who will gauge the talent inside them? Surely not the highly trained teaching staff. Their skill set is entirely different. 

It would be unjust to those children when they are not spotted at the right time. That is why we partnered with CoachDirect. They are professionals who specialise in sports and wellness coaching. They work with professional coaches in indoor and outdoor sports and activities. 

CoachDirect has a unique method of gauging, judging and training students. They do not differentiate between talented students and hidden gems. Instead, they help them all equally. The natural talents pick up fast and the hard-working ones pick up when it is time.

There are various stages in CoachDirect’s student coaching process. Students’ performance and skills are well monitored and measured through various tournaments and assessments. 

Healthy lifestyle 

Not everyone chooses sports as their profession. They might have IITs and IIMs as their destiny. But they will still have a healthy lifestyle after they go through the CoachDirects training and encouragement. 

Once they get used to the advanced techniques and knowledge about physical wellbeing, students grow up as healthy individuals with a positive attitude and dynamic lifestyle. 

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