Teaching Critical Thinking Skills in Classroom

The world is moving really fast and constantly evolving. Schools, for the most part, focus only on learning but is really important to instill critical thinking skills in students. The information laid out to us from different sources is very vast. There is a lot of misinformation also. Having critical thinking skills will help students to navigate and make sense of the provided information. Critical thinking involves analyzing information, evaluating arguments and opinions and making correct judgements with valid reason based on the evidence.  Redbridge International Academy, The best international school in Bangalore is one of the schools that is a pioneer in teaching critical thinking to its students. Let’s learn the art from them.

Ask Questions

Teachers should ask open-ended questions rather than asking close-ended questions. For example in history lessons, instead of asking about battle dates, students should be asked about what they learned from the war. It gives a chance to students to analyse and think critically rather than memorizing a specific date

Teach Students how to argue

A good argument is the main use of critical thinking. Teach students about constructing an argument and making their point. Teachers should set some rules in the argument and provide students with examples of good and bad arguments. Arguments are a very nice way to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of every student. Debate organisation is something which is very common at Redbridge International Academy, one of the best ib board schools in bangalore, students are encouraged to take part in the debates and constructive arguments.

Let students work in groups

Decision-making is a very big part of critical thinking.

Teachers should encourage students to make decisions as much as possible. It provides students with opportunities to analyse different information. It helps should learn and analyse about pros and cons of a lot of things. Once students start analysing information is when they will start taking decisions

Inspire creativity

Critical thinking is incomplete without creativity. Teachers should find different ways to inspire students to be creative. Creativity can be inspired through writing, songs and a lot of various forms. Students should be encouraged to take part in cultural programs in the school. Creativity is not limited to art and culture and can actually be found in simple things also. Encourage students to think outside the box and then come up with creative solutions. Give them tasks which require them to use their imagination and critical thinking skills. Students at Redbridge International Academy, one of the top ib schools in Bangalore, are very creative because of the way they learn. The process of learning is such that it inspires creativity and leadership among students

Students develop most of their critical thinking skills in school and it helps a person through his whole life. Since children learn in various ways, it becomes important for students to reach every student effectively. Critical thinking is far more important than what we think. From the early days, schools should be encouraging and helping students to develop critical thinking skills. Redbridge International Academy, the best ICSE school in Bangalore, works on the critical thinking of students very seriously. Students are allowed to develop these skills through different activities.

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