The Covid-19 pandemic brought one word back to popularity which is Mental health.

We used to talk about mental health earlier too but most people won’t even consider mental health as a serious problem. It is 2023 and the stigma around mental health is still there. To make an impact one thing we should all do is speak about it. Speaking about mental health is important as speaking up about any other thing. In this blog, we will discuss Mental health and its impact on school students.


The mental health of a person is defined by their psychological and emotional well-being. Good mental health is the foundation of good well-being. It is the especially very crucial duration of the foundation year of an individual. It is very vital to look into the mental health of students and provide them with the support they need.

Why is Mental Health Important for students?

  1. Impact on the social life of Students

Good mental health is really necessary for social interactions. Students going through a phase of bad mental health have trouble forming social interactions and relationships. Such isolation can lead to loneliness and depression.

  1. Impact on Physical Health

 Apart from good food and lifestyle, the Physical health of a person is very much        related to mental health also. Students suffering from mental health issues experience symptoms of physical health issues like headaches, body pain and fatigue too. If not treated in time, it can cause more physical health issues too.

  1. Impact on Academic Performance

Mental health issues have a lot of impact on the academic performance of a student. Students going through mental health issues such as anxiety and depression find it really difficult to concentrate on their studies which impacts their grades.

 Redbridge International Academy one of the best igcse schools near bannerghatta road has a 1:20 teacher-student ratio so that every student is getting the attention they require. Students are taught about mental health and are encouraged to speak up when they need to.

How to Promote Mental Health among Students?

  1. Education

Schools should address mental health issues and educate students about mental health. Schools should educate students about the impact of mental health on well-being and how important it is to look for help when necessary. This education can help reduce the taboo surrounding mental health problems and encourage students to look for help when needed. Redridge International Academy, the best International School in Bangalore regularly educates students about mental health and its impacts. The school encourages its students to speak up when needed.

  1. Providing Support To Students

Students suffering from mental health issues require a lot of support. This support comes in the form of psychologists, therapists and counsellors. Psychologist helps us to know what someone is going through and the reason behind it. Therapists and counsellors can have sessions with the students where they can talk with them and provide needed mental support. Schools should be providing students with access to these mental health resources. Teachers at one of the best ib international schools in Bangalore, Redbridge International Academy regularly talk with students and if needed the school provides mental counselling to the students.

3.Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation help students to reduce their anxiety and manage stress. The importance of these practices should be taught to students by the teachers and the students should be encouraged to take part in such practices. Yoga and meditation have a great positive impact on the mental as well as physical well-being of students. It helps in developing coping mechanisms. Redbridge International Academy, widely regarded as one of the Best International Schools in Bangalore  encourage students to meditate. They have regular seminars happening to teach the benefits of yoga and meditation. 

4.Promotion of a Healthy Lifestyle

As we have discussed earlier about how mental health affects physical health. Physical health also has a lot of impact on mental health. Promoting a good and healthy lifestyle is an important point in improving mental health. Schools should encourage students to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle consists of doing regular exercise and having a balanced and healthy diet. Getting adequate sleep is also a part of a healthy lifestyle. These habits promote good mental health.

In conclusion, mental health is an important part of overwell being of a student. While parents should be taking care of that, schools should be the first place where it should be promoted. Every school should start teaching the importance of mental health to each and every student. Redbridge International Academy, one of the top international baccalaureate schools in bangalore is already doing it. They promote inclusivity among students so that if someone is going through anxiety, he is able to speak up with other students or a teacher. Redbridge Internation Academy has recently been awarded as the best boarding school in bangalore. You can visit the campus and learn more about it.

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