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There was a time when postcards were the fastest way to communicate casually. It was considered cheap, effective and efficient. People were happy about it as well. That was some 30 years ago. It is no longer considered worthy of that title anymore. Technology is a fast changing field. Either you keep up or get lost in time. 

Technology as a tool

For educational institutions, technology is an integral part of the learning process. From textbooks, we have advanced to video labs and smart classrooms. The use of technology is a necessity because society is more and more influenced by it. The rollout of 4G and 5G technology and the already into business – the development of 6G made sure that people are using smart devices to communicate. Students are not alien to smart devices anymore. They are already taking advantage of smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and other advanced gadgets to record, learn and memorise. 

RedBridge International Academy makes sure that our students are never behind the standards set by the job industry and society. We make continuous efforts to equip our students with the best technology available for children of their age. Our holistic approach and excellence in experiential learning have equipped us in ways unique to our educational culture. Our programs like Bee Curious help children understand technology and learn how to use it to their advantage. 

Our Partnership with Techradiance

At RedBridge International Academy, our primary focus is to empower students in various aspects of technology. To ensure the effectiveness of this goal, we have partnered with Techradiance, which is an exclusive national level platform that helps students explore advanced technologies. 

Techradiance is no novice in this field. They have partnerships with 800+ educational institutions in the country. Techradiance is known for helping students understand and explore high level technologies like artificial intelligence, cyber security, Android app development, solar panel technology, smart energy systems, robotics and transcending conventional academics. 

Techradiance is an initiative by Harbour Edutech Private Limited which believes in turning students into creators, not just consumers of technology. With our partnership with Techradiance we aim to enhance the level of education we provide to our students.

Techradiance has so far trained more than one lakh students nationwide. They also work with high end educational institutions like IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Hyderabad etc. Techradiance helped students in AI projects in ISRO and is recognised as the best coding and innovation institute.

Education is more than learning and securing good grades in exams. It is about empowering themselves to face the challenges in real life. We not only train them in digital literacy but also help them in cybersecurity education with the help of Techradiance. 

Our Commitment 

At  RedBridge International Academy, we believe in the responsible use of technology. Be it artificial intelligence or Android app development, we help children learn technology responsibly. We help to think out of the box so that what they learn will help them achieve results in real life. We make sure that our students excel in coding, advanced concepts and practical applications of technology.

Our Promise

 RedBridge International Academy believes in empowering students to achieve a social status second to none. Our carefully structured curriculum and educational process ensures that this goal is always met. Our experiential learning programs help them understand concepts that are normally hard to grasp. With our effective partnership with Techradiance and other efforts to improve students’ technological prowess, we aim to help our students achieve results enviable to all. 

Technology is an ever changing field. Therefore, it is essential to keep one updated with the latest changes and advancements. Our various partnerships help us achieve this task without fail. 

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