Sleep Management and its Influence on Top IGCSE School Students

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The Best ICSE School in Bangalore Understands its Importance

Sleep is God’s gift to mankind. There is nothing remotely closer than a good night’s sleep that can give you a fresh day. It is scientifically proven that people who sleep well showcase improved productivity during the daytime. It is the same for adults and children. In the case of children, the importance of sleep is many times higher. 

Sleep is also essential for the proper functioning of our body. That is the period when our body rests after a busy day of working tirelessly. Various studies show that children below the age of 5 years need at least 10 hours of sleep per day. For the 6-12 age group, it is a minimum of 9 hours and a minimum of 8 hours for teenagers. 

Sleep and International School Near Electronic City

RedBridge International Academy, the best ICSE school in Bangalore understands the importance of sleep and takes necessary precautions so that our students are never sleep deprived. RedBridge International Academy, the best school in Bangalore has different protocols in place to ensure that students are well cared for and none of the activities contribute to a bad sleep cycle. A bad night’s sleep can have both mental and physical implications. Children who have a bad sleep cycle are often seen to display unnecessary anger, irritation, lack of concentration and moodiness. Lack of sleep can often affect mood and behaviour and can influence the immune system.

It is not just the lack of sleep that can cause issues. If they do not get a sound sleep it is also considered as a sleeping disorder. Bad dreams, nightmares, unable to sustain deep sleep for enough duration etc can have a bad effect on children. 

RedBridge International Academy, being one of the top IGCSE schools in Bangalore works with parents and notifies them if our students display any symptoms of bad sleep or sleeping disorders. We have an active medical room with a full-time nurse who can assist children if there is anything out of order. 

Let us discuss a few methods to improve sleep patterns and stay away from a bad sleep cycle

Active Sleep Cycle Suggestion by the Best ICSE School In Bangalore

Make it a habit to sleep at 10 PM and wake by 6 AM. Depending on the age group parents can adjust this sleep cycle accordingly. But ensure that children go to sleep at the same time every day. Even if they cannot sleep instantly, lying down in bed and trying to sleep is important. Once you maintain an active sleep cycle, children can sleep and wake up without assistance. They wake up at the same time even without alarms or parents waking them up. Similarly, once this is a part of the routine, children will start feeling sleepy by their regular bedtime. 

As the best IGCSE school in Electronic City, RedBridge International Academy works with parents to make them aware of this very simple method to avoid a bad sleep cycle. 

Be Active 

To get a good sleep at night, it is important that children are active enough during the daytime. Some time on the playground, some exercise, sport or games or their natural being children can help achieve this goal. When they have a tiring day, sleeping is no longer a challenge. A tired body can normally convince the mind to sleep on time. 

RedBridge International Academy, the best school in Bangalore, gives outdoor activities a prominent place in our curriculum. 

Enough Sunlight at the Best School in Bangalore

Both ancient and modern civilisations agree that enough sunlight can do magic. It has healing powers for the body and mind. Decent exposure to sunlight by children can help them maintain a good sleep cycle. It not only rejuvenates them but also ensures a healthy and active body and mind. 

This is one of the reasons why RedBridge International Academy invests a lot of time and energy to ensure that our students get to experience nature at its best. Our well protected, 18 acre campus is a reliable mode for interacting with nature in a safe way. 

Blue light is not good 

The influence of blue light on sleep is a well researched topic. Try to reduce exposure to blue light as much as possible. Especially after 7 PM. Try using special computer glasses that filter blue light, use Night Light mode in Windows when available, install blue light blocking methods on your smart devices etc can help get a sound sleep at night. 

It is good to avoid using smart devices too much, be it in the daytime or night. Use it when required, take intervals to give rest to your eyes and stop using them when your eyes start revolting. 


There are a lot of other factors that help too. Including not oversleeping or sleeping during the daytime etc. Give children a calm and neat bedroom, set the bedroom temperature to optimal levels and keep the bed comfortable. 

RedBridge International Academy, one of the top IGCSE schools in Bangalore conducts regular medical checkups for our students. We help parents identify any sleep related issues or disorders on time. Being the best school in Bangalore, we take it as our responsibility to provide children with the best care possible on campus and outside. Our curriculum is a well designed healthy solution for students to achieve the heights they deserve. It is a complete effort to help them stay healthy in every way possible. 

Need to know more about how we invest in the well-being of our students? We are happy to assist. You can contact us without hesitation.

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