Play, Learn, Grow: The Holistic Approach to Pre-Primary Education by International Schools

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International School Near Electronic City

Bangalore is often referred to as the Garden City, and for good reason. Blessed with a fantastic climate and wonderful gardens, Bangalore is no doubt one of the finest cities to live in India. Bangalore is also blessed with fine educational institutions for all age groups. Among these fine educational institutions, some are really elite. They are elite for many reasons. For example, being an IB school in Electronic City,  for the kind of people who send their children to these schools, for the atmosphere of education in the school or the fine results they produce. 

One of the Best ICSE Schools in Bangalore

Redbridge International Academy is often referred to as the best ICSE school in Bangalore. The credit goes to our wonderful students who never failed to make us proud, both inside and outside the campus. When people look for an international school in Bangalore, or an IGCSE School in Bangalore or a School near Electronic City, Redbridge International Academy is always their choice. Mainly because we are the number one choice for students who believe in winning, no matter what. The elite crowd in Bangalore also prefer us because they want to give the best for their students.

Our Holistic Approach to Pre-Primary Education 

Redbridge International Academy is known for its holistic approach to education. We have been felicitated many times by prestigious organisations for our excellence in experiential learning programs. We always did our best to integrate the best of technology into our educational process. These are meant to provide a solid foundation for students to excel. While we succeed at that, we also make sure that they get enough sunlight and wind too. They get to experience rain, the real world, nature in our well maintained 18 acre campus. 

Our status as the best international school in Bangalore is not only because our children score good grades but also because they grow healthy and strong as any child should be. They are not confined to the concrete walls of classrooms instead, they get to know nature as it is. We let our students be children and like any best ICSE schools in Bangalore, we help them play and learn as they grow. 

Sunlight as a source of Energy

The benefits of sunlight are scientifically proven. We never make our students shy away from nature. We encourage them to be involved in outdoor activities as they should. We also provide careful supervision and guidance in outdoor activities. This includes their participation in games and sports. Every great athlete and sportsperson was a child once. Playing outdoors is also an integral part of the learning process. It makes them fresh, healthy and improves concentration. Being active outdoors helps students do well inside classrooms as well. Mainly because an active mind is good for the learning process.

Our wide, well protected, 18 acre campus gives our students ample opportunities to get exposed to pure and fresh air. It helps them stay away from pollution and breathing difficulties. 

Pre-Primary Education at International School near Electronic City

The fact that we are an IB School so close to Electronic City has its own benefits. We are never too far away from the city. Which means transportation is not a big hurdle. Even while closer to the city our students still get to enjoy fresh air, pure water and nature like no other educational institution in Bangalore. 

We have a carefully planned, well designed pedagogical approach for our young students. These guidelines and policies are revisited every year for perfection. We want our young students to grow up socially, and emotionally strong and focus on their overall well-being. We want them to be keen observers, critical thinkers, avid learners and smart and good men and women of the future. 

We make sure to nurture their talents and improve their observation skills and creativity through systematic assistance and guidance. We help them understand and give a perspective of the real world and how things work there, and help them be ready for it. It is all about giving them the proper groundwork so that they can transform into able and efficient learners of the future. 

The outdoor classes let them have first hand knowledge of organic farming, and animal husbandry to improve their emotional connection with topics outside academics. 

We want to give them the understanding to grow up independent and resourceful so that there is no challenge they cannot achieve in life. Being close to nature and infusing learning into playing helps young blood achieve better success in life. 

They might not be yet ready to deal with sports and games as adults would do. But we make sure that they get involved with them or at least be in the audience so that it is no alien activity to them. To see their seniors play and train gives them the perspective and knowledge to achieve the same later in life. 


Children are curious beings. They like to observe what we do and learn. Being the best international school in Bangalore, Redbridge International Academy ensures that pre primary education is nothing less than a good basement for children to grow up as successful individuals.

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