5 Ways : How and International School Build a Child’s Self-esteem and Confidence

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Feeling good about oneself and identifying your own capability is important and meaningful in life. Children with self-confidence are better able to make decisions with their best interests in mind.  Parents and teachers play a pivotal role in building self-esteem and confidence in their children. Kids who grow up with confidence in their own abilities tend to do better in school, have better control of their own emotions and behaviour, and excel in sports and socialisation

As children grow and develop their interests, they will probably face many challenges or obstacles. Self-confidence helps them to fight all the difficulties that they face to achieve their goals. With the proper guidance, Redbridge International Academy, one of the best IB schools in Bangalore, emphasises helping your students to defeat those challenges and come out feeling better about their abilities. Let’s explore some essential tips to help your child achieve optimal self-confidence. 

Redbridge International Academy Fosters Positive Reinforcement to Build up a Student’s Self-esteem: 

For personality development in children, Self-confidence and self-esteem are important markers. A child’s self-confidence helps them grow in every sphere of their life and helps them feel more self-assured.  Further, low confidence is also an obstacle to their emotional and social growth. It may hamper skill development as a child is not self-assured that they can learn properly.  Having good self-esteem is always feeling confident. As a distinguished IGCSE school in Bangalore, our educators always try to encourage our students by creating various activities and positive surroundings. We believe that when children have good or high self-esteem, they:

  • feel good about who they are most of the time
  • believe in themselves, and their own qualities and strengths
  • believe that they are worthy and deserving of all the good things in life.

Let’s have a look at some ways that our international school helps students to build up their confidence level.

  • We Help Students to Set Goals

Goals are a great way to let children feel they have control, which is great for building confidence.  As a reputed International School in Bangalore, we implement innovative ideas to gently guide our child but to allow them to decide what they want their goals to be.  We always try to set a specific timeline to give our students the best chance of achieving their goals.

  • Talk To Students about Their Genuine Interests 

As responsible parents and teachers, we have been carrying for generations. However, it is time that we give our children independence and autonomy in their decision-making. It will let students do what they truly like and provide them with control and confidence over their schedule!

  •  We Encourage Students to Try innovative things

Instead of focusing all their energy on what they are already best at, it’s good for children to diversify. Attaining new skills makes them feel confident and capable that they can tackle whatever comes their way.  Redbridge International Academy, a renowned International school near Electronic City where we celebrate the areas that our students are already good at, also helps them to occasionally step out of their comfort zones. When students take in new challenges, they gain more confidence in their abilities. Exploring their own passion or interest can help students develop a sense of identity, which is essential to building confidence. 

  • Praise Perseverance

At Redbridge International Academy, we always try to make them learn not to give up at first frustration or fail. Never giving up motto is an important life skill. Self-esteem and confidence are not about succeeding at everything all the time, they’re about being resilient enough not to be distressed and to keep trying if you’re not the best.

  • We Celebrate Their Efforts

Celebrating students’ efforts helps them know that they have done something good, and even encourages them to keep it up. Praising students for their accomplishments is great, but it’s also vital to let them know you’re proud of their efforts regardless of the outcome. It takes hard work to develop new skills, and results don’t always come immediately. Here we always let our students know you value the work they’re doing, which helps to boost their confidence and encourage them to do innovative things.


Self-esteem and confidence are significant characteristics and traits, and children need opportunities to develop them. As a leading IB School In Electronic City, Redbridge International Academy strongly believes that With encouragement, time and attention children can learn to embrace their capabilities and challenge their weaknesses. As responsible parents and teachers, we should always help build our children’s self-esteem, and let them know how valued and important they are.

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