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Why learn at your own pace?

Learning is a never ending process. But for some students, it is a painful one. The reason is often the difference in the ability to grasp an idea. Some students are so sharp that they listen keenly and understand the vocal instructions in no time. Sadly, for some students, they are not as fast as some of their peers. They take their time to receive input. This, by no means, means that they have any learning disability. It is simply the nature or character of some children to be calm, dreamy and silent. They are in no way slow or behind anyone else. Sadly, this is often disregarded in many educational institutions. Life is a race and the fastest wins, no matter if they have better spikes than their peers. 

At RedBridge International Academy, we are committed to eradicating any such injustice towards students. It is ok if a student is not a fast learner. We know that they are good at understanding ideas and only need some time or repeated input to gather the idea. An experienced teacher would easily know who is the fast learner and who is the steady one. Irrespective of the skills of teaching faculty, we aim to provide a level playing field for all students. It is not a mammoth task either. Mainly because we use Ei Mindspark, which allows students to learn at their own pace, level of complexity and with a custom experience. 

What is Ei Mindspark?

Mindspark and students

The RedBridge International Academy makes use of an intelligent learning software called Ei Mindspark. It helps students learn Mathematics, English and Science in a way comfortable to them. Their own pace, questions that suit them and slowly improving the speed and complexity of learning. With Ei Mindspark, children are never against odds that they cannot win. Ei Mindspark is an intelligent software serving over 2 million questions to students to help them understand subjects that are hard for them. The software gets better as students use it. It understands how fast they decipher the question and also what kind of complexity to begin with. 

In simple words, Ei Mindspark makes life easier for students, helps them understand problems better and learn in a way they can handle. 

Ei Mindspark can 

For students, 

# Identify and adapt to their learning pace

# Instant feedback based on their input 

# Let them know where they are weak

# Help them fix the weak spots

# Make learning interesting 

# Granular content for easy learning 

For parents,

Mindspark is not a student only program. It also has data and analytics that parents can make use of. These include 

#  Reports based child’s on the child’s performance and progress

# Benchmarks their performance against a national scale 

# Help understand areas that the child needs attention

# Share achievements and strong points 

# Custom recommendations on how and where parents can help

Ei Mindspark is a complete tool that helps students and parents alike. Its reports allow parents to help them where they are weak instead of being sad about low scores in exams. With  RedBridge International Academy and Ei Mindspark at your side,  a student is never behind anyone in life or academics. 

Not just a tool, it is famous 

Mindspark is not just another tool that is built for e-learning. It is one of the leading players in the educational sector with recognition from reputed names like Harvard Business School, MIT etc. Ei Mindspark is used in over 300 + schools by more than 15,000 teachers serving 5,00,000 + students. 

Because we care

At RedBridge International Academy we are committed to a level playing field for all students. For us, each student is a superhero. We believe in them and like to see them as winners. Our students mean everything to us and we go lengths to make life easier for them. 

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